Practice Growth Diagnostic

Are you working longer hours, but receiving less revenue and more stress? Growing a thriving law firm requires a deeper understanding of how your communication and management styles impact your business.

That insight begins with the Practice Growth Diagnostic.

Leveraging your diagnostic results can shape future marketing activities for your practice and help you communicate far more effectively with staff, clients, colleagues, and loved ones.

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You’ll fill out two questionnaires – a DISC® behavior assessment and a practice survey – each taking about 30 minutes to complete.

  • The DISC® assessment provides key insights into your personal communication style and behavioral tendencies. We’ll review and share with you an accompanying report covering how your unique traits and tendencies directly influence your law firm’s profitability, your ability to implement and accept change, and your personal and work relationships.
  • The practice survey reviews your law firm’s current profitability, staffing, time management, and marketing. A strong performance in these four areas is necessary for any practice to prosper and, based on your submitted information, we tailor our suggestions to you.

Finally, you’ll have an hour-long, candid discussion with recommendations on what we believe will provide immediate help in a problem area. You may be guided to additional resources, such as articles and information about related seminars.

Your Pathway to Profitability Begins Here

Enroll in a Practice Growth Diagnostic™ for the perfect instrument to determine a baseline for your law firm's operations and discover what incremental actions you must take to lower your stress, increase your income, and fall in love with running your practice.


If you’re dissatisfied after receiving your Practice Growth Diagnostic™ and with your consultation, simply let us know and we will refund your money.