Advanced Implementation Tools & Resources

Download Our Cash Flow eBook and Forms Library

Our Cash Flow eBook (PDF) includes planning and performance tracking forms, scheduling tools and a section on managing interruptions.

Our ZIP archive of Cash Flow forms contains fillable PDFs of a mission statement, time template worksheet, weekly planning form, and daily to-do list.



Listen to a discussion about key financial indicators you should monitor in your firm. (7.01)

Does Your Firm Need a Financial Tune-Up?

Listen to a discussion about measuring and maintaining the financial performance of your law firm. (7.04)

Accounting for Attorneys

Reviewing complex financial statements can be daunting. In this call, financial expert Jerry Schwartz breaks down the accounting process for you. (10.00)

Paralegals and Profitability

Author Arthur Greene provides valuable insight in how the use of paralegals, even in small firms, can increase your profitability. (7.00)


Increasing Utilization Rate

By Judi Craig, Original Publishing, San Antonio Lawyer Magazine (8.00)

Hourly Billing: Democracy of the Dead

By Ron Baker. Learn why hourly rates are the wrong way to ascertain the value created for the client. (7.00)

Ethics of Profitability

By Glenn Gutek. The most common tragedy stemming from a limited vision of long-term profitability is the “the slow coast to the finish line.” (7.01)

Guerilla Tactics on Getting Paid

By Lonny Balbi. 95 tips, tricks and practical advice that can help lawyers get paid in a timely manner. (9.01)


Sample Budget

Use this sample firm budget as an example when creating a budget for your firm. (10.00)

Use Atticus’ “Rule of 3” Calculator

Determine how many hours your associate or paralegal should work in order to be profitable. (8.01)

Bonus Plan, Percentage Based

A bonus plan that sets monthly targets with an increased bonus percentage accompanying each additional jump in hours billed. (7.00)

Bonus Plan, Contingency Fee

A bonus plan that sets monthly or quarterly revenue targets with a bonus percentage accompanying each additional jump in revenue. (7.00)


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