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Knowing the answer to the question, "Can I bill for this task?" is one of the most typical problems that young attorneys confront. Showing up in court, speaking with your client about his or her legal concerns, and writing legal papers are all clearly chargeable services, but what about making copies after the secretary has gone home for the evening? More senior attorneys frequently do not offer clear answers to these queries, and guessing is frequently used. When your customer raises these concerns about a bill that reflects dubious work at attorney rates, you may be subjected to even more scrutiny, leading to late payments, disagreements, and a general loss of goodwill that may be costly. It’s important to note that some paralegals aren’t considered paralegals in some jurisdictions/states.  A paralegal's job description isn't always obvious. Lawyers are, of course, extensively regulated by the state bar associations in which they practice. A person cannot practice law or hold oneself out as a lawyer unless they have taken the bar , and are abiding by the state regulations. Paralegals, on the other hand, are typically not obliged to possess any specific licenses or certificates, and while paralegal training programs exist, their profession...