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Holiday Marketing for Lawyers

By Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis

article-making-the-most-of-holiday-marketingIn balmy south Florida, a determined real estate attorney with a good sense of humor donned a Santa suit and drove from office to office on Christmas Eve to deliver baskets brimming with cookies. Greeted by those he visited with raised eyebrows and peals of laughter, he made quite an impression.

Three states away in Louisiana, a team of paralegals stood at the entrance to their corporate law firm and accepted wrapped toys for charity as the admission pass to their holiday open house. Inside, a student chef from a local culinary school sautéed shrimp at one of the many food stations setup around the firm to encourage circulation.The firm’s attorneys ushered their best referral sources and clients around the office while another student dressed as a waiter moved through the crowd with a tray of drinks held aloft.

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