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Practice Growth ProgramTM


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your personal income is in excess of $100,000.
  • You have at least one full-time staff person.
  • You are a solo practitioner, shareholder or partner in your firm.
  • You are coachable.
  • You must be committed to taking your practice to the next level.

Once you're accepted into the Practice Growth ProgramTM the valuable coaching will begin.

This program includes the following:

Quarterly Meetings

The life-changing exchanges that happen at these meetings include:

  • 13+ hours of high-valued, targeted, in-person coaching that teaches you systems you can put in place to improve your law firm’s 4 key pillars including: Time Management, Client Development, Staffing and Cash Flow. Plus, Atticus values your personal time as well, so the systems are designed to give you more freedom to live a more fulfilling life outside of the office, while the office runs on auto-drive.
  • Networking with other attorneys to build a support system that can last a lifetime. This type of network is essential to help your business gain A+ client referrals, while also getting tips from other attorneys who are utilizing the Atticus strategies and getting positive results.
  • Distribution of proven resources, books, guides and other materials you can use immediately to start implementing new processes in the office that allow you to work smarter, not harder and to achieve the ideal work/life balance you desire, while also improving your business revenues, client base and staff satisfaction.

Strategy Plans Created Just for You

At the quarterly meeting you'll get one-on-one coaching where you'll discuss your personal wants and needs for your practice. Then you'll get assistance in creating your My 90-Day Focus. This is an outline of strategies and processes you can implement in your practice during the following 90 days to enhance your law firm's day-to-day operations.

Monthly Group Coaching for Your Staff

Atticus understands that it's not just YOU, the practice owner, who needs to be onboard with the new processes and strategies, it's also your staff. So this program incorporates a monthly group meeting with staff members from all the law practices in your group. In this meeting your staff will get the support and motivation they need to put your new strategies into action to ensure even greater success.

Monthly Support From Your Resource Advisor

Each month your Resource Advisor (RA) will call to check on your progress and to offer support and assistance with anything you need to ensure your success. The RA will provide access to additional Atticus tools and resources you can use to accomplish goals you have throughout the quarter and answer questions that come up about your practice strategies.

Unlimited Access to Atticus’ Resource Center

No matter what you want to uplevel in your law firm, we have a resource for it. You'll get complete access to all of our tools, guides, audios, forms etc... that you can use to make your business practically run itself.

Practice Growth Series Webinars

You'll have the pleasure of getting to attend an online, LIVE webinar each month, run by one of our skilled Practice Advisors. In these webinars, you'll discover even more valuable information about actions you can take right away to enhance your law firm's efficiency, profitability and client and staff satisfaction, plus tips on how you can hand over duties to your staff to free up time for you to enjoy your out-of-office life. If you can't make the LIVE webinar, we will send you a replay.

Graph = Results from our current Practice Growth ProgramTM members.

Practice Growth Program increased revenue graph

All of these results helped our members achieve a greater work/life balance and a happier staff and client base. Read our testimonials for more success stories.

The Practice Growth ProgramTM is unique because our coaches ONLY coach lawyers. For the past 27 years we've been listening to lawyers who are struggling in their practices and we have been able to pinpoint and create a databank of all of the possible business mistakes lawyers can make.

We've used this valuable data to help us develop proven, reliable strategies and tools for lawyers that will enhance your practice in all 4 key pillars including: Time Management, Client Development, Staffing and Cash Flow while also weaving in processes that create a better work/life balance for everyone in the practice.

More proof of this program's effectiveness is that our program membership is doubling in size each year as previous members return to enjoy a 2nd, 3rd, 4th year of membership because of the incredible ROI they're getting.

Several of our program members were overbooked when they started this program, but they knew they needed a change. So they made time.

After their first, in-person quarterly meeting, they found that at work their schedules weren't quite as daunting.

Members tell us that getting out of the office for a few days feels great. At the quarterly meeting they can really focus on the important changes they want to make in their practice, learn the strategies needed to make those changes happen and because of the time away, with no interruptions or stress from work, they could return on Monday feeling refreshed and energized to put their plans into action.

Now, imagine what a few days away from the office, each quarter, could do for your life and your practice. Sounds good doesn't it?

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