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Our Mission

Our mission at Atticus is to keep you focused on what’s really important in your life, to provide you with the training and skills necessary to build and maintain a sustainable practice, and finally, to provide a structure of accountability and support for achieving your goals.

For three decades, Atticus has been helping thousands of attorneys attain these goals. Our Certified Practice Advisors and Facilitators provide top-notch coaching and invaluable knowledge that allows attorney’s to gain control on their practices, and implement streamlined management methods. Our graduates and participants gain a higher quality of life and professional balance.

Our Programs, Workshops, and Webinars are designed to provide you with necessary elements to create a balanced work and personal life, including:

  • Increased gross revenues and personal incomes
  • Reduced stress and number of hours in the office
  • Development of greater career satisfaction
  • Allowance of more time for family and personal interests


Our Name Sets a High Standard

Atticus takes its name from Atticus Finch, the courageous lawyer in Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

In addition to being a lawyer involved in the biggest and most controversial case of his life, Atticus Finch was also a devoted parent, a caring friend, a reliable neighbor, and a pillar of his community. In the midst of great stress and change, Atticus found a way to maintain balance in both his personal and professional life. The name reflects our commitment to helping you move closer to that idea, becoming the kind of attorney you envisioned when you entered the profession.


Meet Our Shareholders

Mark Powers
President / Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor
Shawn McNalis
Shareholder / Practice Advisor Trainer / Curriculum Director
Steve Riley
Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney
Cammie Hauser
Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor
Glenn Finch
Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor
Meet all of our Certified Practice Advisors, Facilitators, and Client Services Directors


A History of Atticus

  • 1989 Atticus is Founded

    Atticus was founded to provide in-depth, ongoing support and accountability programs for lawyers and law firms.

  • 1996 Mark & Shawn Publish First Book

    “The Making of a Rainmaker – An Ethical Guide to Developing New Clients”, authored by Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis was published by the Florida Bar.

  • 1996 Study Confirms Atticus’ Training Effectiveness

    A pilot study was commissioned by Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, to objectively determine the success of Atticus training and development programs. The study was successful and in 1997 Atticus formed a strategic partnership with Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund which serves over 6,800 real property attorneys in Florida and beyond.


All Atticus programs offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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