Candidate screening and interviewing services for busy law firms.

We’ll free you from spending countless hours away from representing your clients.
Build My Great Team

Candidate screening and interviewing services for busy law firms.

We’ll free you from spending countless hours away from representing your clients.

Hiring Law Firm Employees

Hiring experienced and highly qualified legal assistants, paralegals, and associate attorneys to work for your law firm is crucial to its future success.

We can handle the time-consuming administrative work involved with recruiting top-tier employees, including screening and and interviewing applicants, and present you with nothing but qualified candidates.


Most attorneys dread the prospect of sifting through hundreds of resumes. Not only do they not have the time, most aren’t very good at it.



We’ll handle the admin work related to law office hiring.


We’ll provide you hiring insight based on our years of building great teams.


We’ll provide you with nothing but qualified candidates.


Read what real Atticus clients are saying about our staffing services.

Susan: I can’t thank you and your team enough for assisting me with my firm’s most recent hiring. I have never been a fan of being responsible for the firm’s staffing needs. Your assistance was amazing. You took the lead in figuring out exactly what we needed, placing the ad, reviewing the resumes and doing the initial interviews/screening on those resumes that seemed promising. When your team provided insight on potential employees I trusted their insight. When I had to get involved it was seamless. My involvement was basically just sure personalities fit and they did. Our new employee starts on Monday. The time, effort and stress you saved me was priceless. Thanks again.

Kim Kohn

Jupiter Law Center’s experience with Susan Schmidt and Bob Zamarra of Build My Great TeamTM was efficient, pleasant and extremely effective. From Susan working with us to develop a job posting that would capture the attention of the right candidates, to Bob’s quick work culling through the responses, to their bringing three strong candidates through our door after Susan handled the initial screening process and telephone interviews, we could not have asked for a better outcome. Most importantly, the candidates were all solid and potentially good matches; so much so that we ended up creating an additional position and hiring two of them! From start to the finish of accepted offers, it took a little over a month as opposed to what would have been infinitely longer (and more stressful) if we had done what we’ve done in the past and attempted to do it ourselves in the midst of our hectic work days. We heartily endorse Build My Great TeamTM and Susan and Bob for any firm looking to cut through the lengthy, stress-inducing process of a new hire search.

Laura K. Schneider

My days of wasting time and money trying to find my next employee are over. Thanks to the Atticus Build My Great Team I never have to do it again. Working with Susan, Bob and Cindy was fantastic. They did the hard work sifting through applicants so I could spend my time focused on the most qualified candidates. Because I value my time I won’t hesitate to contact them in the future if I ever need to fill another position. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for their next great team member.

Casey Price

We were extremely pleased with the help we received from Susan Schmidt and her team at Atticus in successfully recruiting a new administrative assistant for our law firm. After a key team member left our firm unexpectedly during Covid, we faced a real challenge in finding a replacement. Already short-staffed, our remaining staff had little time to devote to the process of recruitment. Susan helped us craft and post the ad; she stayed on top of the applications, sifting through countless resumes over many months with an experienced eye, relaying to us those few who appeared to merit further inquiry. Susan and her associate, Cindy, then conducted phone interviews with the prospects, saving us enormous time and frustration, and allowing us to test and interview only those who were truly qualified. After more than 8 months, we finally found the right candidate! Susan remained persistent, confidant and optimistic throughout the long process. She was a great communicator who consistently provided value and bolstered our spirits when we become discouraged. We highly recommend her services to anyone needing help in building a great team.

Karen Bennett

As someone relatively new to the task of hiring and building a staff for my firm, it was extremely valuable to have Susan and her team’s expertise to help me through the process. Not only did they do the majority of the time-consuming work of sorting through dozens of online applications and interviewing the best candidates (which would have been overwhelming to handle on my own), they offered great advice and guidance as questions came up along the way. The investment in this service was a great one—the time savings for me alone was worth it, but you can’t put a value on the assistance in finding the RIGHT candidate who will be a great fit for my office and our very specific needs.

Amy Phillips

I have been an Atticus client for over 20 years, and over that time learned a great deal about hiring slow and firing fast… So when I was at a loss to understand why I was having such a hard time finding the right candidate for a senior attorney position, I turned to Atticus. And serendipitously, Atticus was about to roll out a staffing service I retained them immediately, and for a fraction of the cost of a legal recruiter. it was the smartest money I spent all year. Within 3 weeks Atticus found me the ideal candidate. I offered her the position during the first interview which I have rarely ever done. The next time I need to hire, Atticus will be my first call.

Scott Hendler Hendler Flores Law, PLLC, Austin, Texas

Always professional, courteous, and detail-oriented, you helped us greatly with overflow administrative work related to law office hiring. Twice, when we were looking for a new associate attorney, you took care of placing and renewing ads. You also received, summarized, and ranked resumes for us based on our criteria for the positions. Your work saved us time and money and allowed us to focus on what we do best – provide legal representation to our labor and employment law clients.

Laura A. Gross Donnelly + Gross, Gainesville, Florida

Atticus’ Build My Great Team™ has twice now helped us fill key roles in our law firm. You sifted through over a hundred applicants, interviewed several and brought to the top the best of the lot. On both occasions I hired the applicant you recommended, after doing my own vetting and interviewing, and have been very happy with the hires. I could not have found the time to do this crucial task so well and thoroughly on my own. It is an incredible service and I will ask for help again the next time a seat needs filling.

Sean Lyons Lyons & Lyons, San Antonio, Texas

I can't tell you how delighted I am with the assistance you gave me in narrowing candidates for the position I had open. Having foolishly tried to fill this position myself in the past I spent countless hours reviewing resumes, making phone calls, interviewing and came up with a poor choice. You on the other hand saved me all the time and headaches involved with that, gave me nothing but qualified candidates and did it all in a seamless fashion. You were always responsive to me immediately and the results that you achieved were far better than what I did on my own. If only everybody I dealt with was as efficient and professional as you were my business would be so much easier. Rest assured I will use you in the future anytime I have the need to hire new personnel. Thanks again for your assistance.

Richard D. West West Family Law Group, Orlando, Florida

Here’s how it works


Sift & Screen Candidates

We'll take your criteria and find candidates that meet your qualifications.


Interview Candidates

We'll interview candidates to make sure they meet your qualifications.


Present Candidates

We'll present only the top candidates to you, saving you hours of administrative work.


The Details

Atticus’ Build My Great Team™ hiring process helps solo and small law firms hire and retain the top talent they need to move their practice forward.
  1. After our initial consult, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored ad for the talent you seek.
  2. Your approved recruitment ad is placed, and all responses are sent to Atticus so you don’t have to deal with a flood of emails.
  3. Our team reviews all resumes and only those candidates who meet your qualifications are considered and forwarded to you.
  4. Depending on the recruitment package you choose, you’ll let us know which candidates you’d like for us to conduct initial interviews for you.
  5. Now you’re all set to decide who you’d like to interview personally.

Meet the team assisting in your hiring process

Susan Schmidt

Susan has been assisting firms with their recruiting needs since July 2016 and has worked with over 100 firms to find staff. Susan began working with Atticus in January 2005 and has been the organizer for the Atticus Practice Growth Series. Susan consults with the firms, drafts the ad, and is the main contact for Build My Great Team.

Bob Zamarra

Bob is a retired executive and has been with Atticus since 2009. Bob has worked with firms in reviewing DISC profiles as well as Practice Diagnostics. Bob’s role with Build My Great Team is in reviewing resumes.

Cindy Moore

Cindy began working with Atticus as Mark Powers’ assistant, has been involved with the Atticus Rainmakers, and conducts the telephone interviews with candidates.


Your investment per position







Initial position review and consultation

Create ad for approval

Posting Ad

Review and screen up to 150 resumes

Comparison and summary reports on qualified candidates

Periodic status updates on candidates

Basic skill testing and assessment tools provided to the firm

Phone screening interviews with up to 10 candidates

Schedule in person appointments

Reference check for top candiates

Three DISC assessments for use during the hiring process