Candidate screening and interviewing services for busy law firms.

We’ll free you from spending countless hours away from representing your clients.

Candidate screening and interviewing services for busy law firms.

We’ll free you from spending countless hours away from representing your clients.

Hiring Law Firm Employees

Hiring experienced and highly qualified legal assistants, paralegals, and associate attorneys to work for your law firm is crucial to its future success.

We can handle the time-consuming administrative work involved with recruiting top-tier employees, including screening and interviewing applicants, and present you with nothing but qualified candidates.


Most attorneys dread the prospect of sifting through hundreds of resumes. Not only do they not have the time, most aren’t very good at it.



We’ll handle the admin work related to law office hiring.


We’ll provide you hiring insight based on our years of building great teams.


We’ll provide you with nothing but qualified candidates.


Read what real Atticus clients are saying about our staffing services.

Susan: Thank you assisting with my firm’s most recent hiring. You took the lead and identified our needs, placed the ad, and did the initial interviews. I trusted your team and my involvement was seamless. Our new employee starts on Monday. The time, effort and stress saved was priceless. Thanks again.

Kim Kohn Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Our experience with Build My Great Team was efficient, pleasant, and effective. The process was seamless. The three finalist candidates were all good matches to our firm. It was a difficult choice, so we created another position and hired two of the three. We heartily endorse Build My Great Team.

Laura K. Schneider Law Firm Administrator, Jupiter Law Center

My days of wasting time and money trying to find my next employee are over. Thanks to the Atticus Build My Great Team I never have to do it again. They did the hard work sifting through applicants so I could spend my time focused on the most qualified candidates. I will not hesitate to contact them in the future.

Casey Price Elder Law, Probate & Trust Administration

After a key team member left our firm unexpectedly during Covid, we faced the challenge of finding a replacement. Susan saved time and frustration by selecting truly qualified candidates for our team to test and interview. After more than 8 months, we found a match. We highly recommend the service to anyone needing help building a great team.

Karen Bennett Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

The investment in this service was a great one—the time savings for me alone was worth it, but you can’t put a value on the assistance in finding the RIGHT candidate who will be a great fit for my office and our very specific needs.

Amy Phillips, LL.M. Estate Planning & Probate Administration

Here’s how it works


Sift & Screen Candidates

We'll take your criteria and find candidates that meet your qualifications.


Interview Candidates

We'll interview candidates to make sure they meet your qualifications.


Present Candidates

We'll present only the top candidates to you, saving you hours of administrative work.


The Details

Atticus’ Build My Great Team™ hiring process helps solo and small law firms hire and retain the top talent they need to move their practice forward.
  1. After our initial consult, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored ad for the talent you seek.
  2. Your approved recruitment ad is placed, and all responses are sent to Atticus so you don’t have to deal with a flood of emails.
  3. Our team reviews all resumes and only those candidates who meet your qualifications are considered and forwarded to you.
  4. Depending on the recruitment package you choose, you’ll let us know which candidates you’d like for us to conduct initial interviews for you.
  5. Now you’re all set to decide who you’d like to interview personally.

Meet the team assisting in your hiring process

Rose Hutchinson

Rose joined the Atticus team as our Build My Great Team Recruiting Supervisor after having been in the legal industry for over 20 years as both a Human Resources professional and an Administrator for two large corporate law firms. She is your main contact to start the search for your next hire. She will consult with you to determine the qualities and qualifications needed, draft the ad for your review and then post it to start the recruiting process.

Bob Zamarra

Bob is a retired executive and has been with Atticus since 2009. Bob has worked with firms in reviewing DISC profiles as well as Practice Diagnostics. Bob’s role with Build My Great Team is in reviewing resumes.

Cindy Moore

Cindy began working with Atticus as Mark Powers’ assistant, has been involved with the Atticus Rainmakers, and conducts the telephone interviews with candidates.


Your investment per position







Initial position review and consultation

Create ad for approval

Posting Ad

Review and screen up to 150 resumes

Comparison and summary reports on qualified candidates

Periodic status updates on candidates

Basic skill testing and assessment tools provided to the firm

Phone screening interviews with up to 10 candidates

Schedule in person appointments

Reference check for top candidates

Three DISC assessments for use during the hiring process

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