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Maximize growth, revenue, and work satisfaction
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Comprehensive, quarterly programs designed to show you how to run your practice at optimal efficiency, increase revenue and growth, and help you balance a healthy personal and professional life.

Atticus Rainmakers®

Ideal for Firm Owners & Associates
Learn time management and marketing essentials


  • Implement time and focus management strategies to increase marketing capacity
  • Implement referral-based marketing strategies
  • Generate two or more quality referrals monthly
  • Increase referral network to at least 100 sources
  • At least 30% of referrals originate from clients

Most Popular

Practice Growth Program®

Ideal for Firm Owners & Partners
Grow a thriving law firm and build a great team


  • Increase your firm’s gross revenue by 30%
  • Increase your firm’s profit margin by 30%
  • Increase the firm’s average fee per file by 20%
  • Implement the Solo and Small Firm Foundations for Practice Growth™
  • Decrease your time spent in office by 25%

Dominate Your Market®

Ideal for Firm Owners & Partners
Dominate your niche and transform your life


  • You’re seen as the “go-to” firm in your market
  • Over 50% of your personal income is from distributions, not your labor or salary
  • You take more than 175 non-workdays off per year
  • You engage a viable succession plan
  • You launch a major delivery or marketing innovation


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