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Edward L. Kainen, Kainen Law Group

Atticus has been a game changer for me and for my practice. I came to Atticus as someone who already had a successful and well run practice. With the help of Atticus I have taken it to the next level. The practice is larger, more profitable, better run, and as a result of developing additional skills, I am now spending substantially more quality time with my family – which is the real reason any of us do this.

Ana Veliz Miami Medicaid Law

I think that most of the advice that comes out of this type of group workshop [Practice Growth Program] is some things that are implementable right away and they make a very significant difference in not only my practice but also my life.

Jason Naimi Naimi & Cerceo Family Law, Las Vegas, NV

Attending the Atticus program has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done for myself and my practice. It has changed my way of thinking and practicing law. Atticus has enabled me to provide exceptional legal representation to my clients, while enabling me to spend more time with my family without sacrificing our financial stability. In fact, I'm working less, spending more time with my family, while making more money. I can't recommend Atticus enough.

Jennifer B. Koiles Koiles Pratt Family Law Group

I am happy to write about my experience at the program. I believe it will be the best thing that I have done for my practice and personal life. Just attending the [Atticus Program] gave me some concrete advice and tips for increasing my billable time capture and immediately increasing my revenues for thousands of dollars.

James Joseph Joseph Law Group, P.C.

Atticus provided me with the tools (and the support to ensure that I implemented these tools) with which I was able to prove that providing excellent legal representation for my clients, being financially successful, and spending time with my family were not mutually exclusive. In fact, the synergy of the success I have enjoyed in each of these areas has greatly benefited not only me personally, but my staff and of utmost importance, my clients.

Adam Loewy Loewy Law Firm, P.C.

Working with Atticus has been a transformative process on every level. In my personal life, I have made some substantive changes that have been life changing. In my business, I have made more money in the last two years than I ever have. On both fronts, I am happier than ever. I attribute much, if not most, of this to Atticus. One of the biggest impacts of implementing some of the Atticus methods and principles is that I feel much more in control of my life and my business.

Joseph Seagle Seagle Law

Having already been involved with Atticus through the Rainmakers, I realized that my practice and I could use even more of a push in the right direction. The [Atticus Program] and follow up phone conferences have provided that push. I feel a new energy about my practice. I feel that I have direction again, and am charting a course in the right direction. I am gaining more control over my time, my staff, my clients and my life, and seeing that — while it makes my life easier — it is having the same effect on everyone else in my practice. I would recommend the course to anyone who is frustrated with the course their practice is taking and wants to make a positive change in their life.

T. Verner Smith Law Offices of T. Verner Smith

The [Atticus Program] was a wonderful experience for me. Bottom line, I feel that the [Atticus Program] helped me confirm for myself that, with the right tools and discipline, I have the ability to control, work on and build my practice, instead of the reverse situation — my practice controlling and "working" me to death. I feel confident that I can reduce my time in the office, while increasing my income and the quality of my personal life.

Catherine S. Hendrix Lester & Hendrix Attorneys at Law

My attendance at the [Atticus Program] changed the way I look at how I plan to live both professionally and personally. The concepts, strategies, and systems to which they introduced me, opened my eyes to just how efficient and successful I could become without sacrificing personal time with my family and friends. Since returning and implementing the systems, I can attest to an increased enthusiasm in myself and my staff. It was an invaluable experience!

Guy Garner Garner Law Firm, P.C.

I’ve taken a lot of programs that always promised the magic bullet to success. This program not only lays it out before you on what can be accomplished, but it gives you the tools to do that. They’re very concrete – it just lays it out and you know I’ve always had the impression it will work if I work it.

By looking at the [Atticus Program] through the eyes of a business owner, I can see that my law practice is only part of my life, and that by living an intentional life, and that by re-engineering my firm – intentionally – I can add energy to my practice and revitalize my entire life. I now have a vision. And the vision is leading me to a place where I believe that I don't have to sacrifice my life to have all that I wish for in life.

Patrick Mason

As a sole practitioner, for years I had thought it would be extremely helpful if there was someone specializing in law firms who could set me on a different course in regard to increasing the quality of my life, decreasing my stress and hours worked, and maybe even increase my income. A friend of mine had used Atticus in the past and recommended them to me. I attended a two day seminar and am convinced I am on the right track, so much so that I am now working with an Atticus consultant on a weekly basis and am encouraged I am going in the right direction.

Bill Enke Enke Law Office PLLC

I want to thank you and the rest of the Atticus staff for the incredible program you presented during the [Atticus Program]. Ironically, I first signed up because the [Atticus Program] coincided with a scheduled trip to Orlando; and as a "To Kill a Mockingbird" fan, I was attracted to the Atticus name. Much to my surprise, I discovered that the evaluation prior to the [Atticus Program], the materials and program itself, and the continuing support of the Atticus staff combined to ensure this was one of the most interesting, professionally executed, and truly useful programs I have attended in my 25 years practicing law.

Larry Moore Moore & Trousdale, PC

I had taken short versions of the [Atticus Program] and always came away with at least one great new idea. The two-day course was even better; the sense of belonging is terrific. My associate and I are looking forward to the follow-up. So far, all systems go!!

Rick McConomy

The [Atticus Program] was excellent. I attend most seminars hoping to get one or two nuggets of information or ideas that I can use. [Atticus] far exceeded my expectations, with a comprehensive understanding and approach to operating a law practice. It forced me to be honest with myself in determining my own strengths and weaknesses. All of the presenters were outstanding. Patrick's use of analogies and storytelling effectively used persuasive lawyering techniques on a group of lawyers. I highly recommend Atticus.

Robert F. Kulik, PA Kulik Law Firm

Prior to attending the [Atticus Program], I felt overwhelmed, stressed out, and couldn't sleep. I didn't have a handle on cases, client service, or time for lawyer work. I felt like I had no control over my practice or my destiny. I now see that there is light at the end of the tunnel with the proper approach. I'm equipped to systematize the office vs. acting like a fireman all the time. There is a better way with proper tools and personnel, and I'm focusing on managing my practice like a business.

Jeffrey J. Hernandez Law Office of Jeffrey J. Hernandez

Before attending the [Atticus Program], practicing law had stopped being fun. It had become a daily grind involving bad clients, bad cases and little money. Working with Atticus, I realized that I needed to treat my practice of law like a business. My law firm is a business and I need to tweak it, repair it and improve it, so that it runs like a business... and not just any business, but a profitable business. This can be done, but I must want to change myself before I can start making the changes necessary at the firm, which requires me to get out of my comfort zone. Having returned home, so far I'm experiencing less stress and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If you feel like you’re in a rut, spinning your wheels, going nowhere – then Atticus is for you.

Carlos Cisneros
Joseph F. Saeli, Jr. Saeli Law Office, P.C.

Mark Powers and his team are dedicated to improving the professional and personal lives of lawyers. I wish I had enrolled in the [Atticus Program] and AIS program years ago!

Kevin Quinn Legacy Counsellors, P.C.

If you care about your practice, if you care about playing on a higher level, about really enjoying what you’re doing again, give it a shot. Jump in the game.

Michele Fuller Michigan Law Center

I will tell you that the most impactful thing that I have done is really change my perception of myself and my role in my business. Absolutely without question the best investment I have ever made. [Practice Growth Program]

Brett Willie Curry & Friend

The [Atticus Program] was an eye-opening experience and its concept is very clever in its simplicity... that we are rewarded in our profession only to the extent we add value to the lives of the clients we serve and that by adding value to our clients' lives we are able to compete in the marketplace far more effectively. The [Atticus Program] has truly expanded my perception of the broad role of attorneys within successful firms. It's an awareness that comes with seeing the practice of law through the eyes of an entrepreneur who is selling his or her business as opposed to a technician simply focused on getting the work done.

Mary E. Ryan Taylor Ryan

Attending the [Atticus Program] is far and away the best thing that I have done for myself and my practice...ever. I wish that I had attended it years ago. I came back with a plan for grabbing hold of my practice and moving it forward in the direction that I want it to go, rather than just going along for a ride. The seminar provides a comprehensive approach to improving your practice, but it also provides practical tips that you can implement immediately. Unlike other management seminars, Atticus focuses only on lawyers and provides concrete guidance for setting goals and working towards those goals in a law practice.

Michele Zavos Zavos Juncker Law Group, PLLC

Some of the measurable benefits that I have derived from working with Atticus over the years are not working as hard as I used to, taking more time off, and feeling much more confident around how I make decisions. When I first heard Nora speak, I was working a lot. When Nora showed me that there is another way, I was intrigued. After working with Nora and Atticus, I go into the office around 10am and I leave at 5-6pm every day. I don't do client work in the evenings, and I don't work on Saturdays more than once a month. When I do, it's my choice.

Ronnie Morton Morton Law Firm, PLLC

It's really drawn a clear picture of what I will benefit most on and they’ve given me a roadmap of how to accomplish that [Practice Growth Program]. I’ve done past programs where I’ve come in with lots of ideas and nothing to be said about it. I had a notebook full of ideas and nothing happens. Here there is a clear path of how to do it, and second I would say it’s accountability to get it done.

Dave Frisse Frisse & Brewster

I've had a particular number goal in the back of my mind and in my heart for the last ten years and we just met it, and it’s at least three times where I was five years ago. If you’re serious about changing your life and your practice and having the practice serve your life as well as serve your clients, you’re crazy not to try it. [Practice Growth Program]

Kim King King & Wood Attorneys at Law

It's been a wonderful growth opportunity [Practice Growth Program] – an eye opener for me and for my firm as a result. Don’t sit on the fence very long if you really want to make a change in your life – the quality of your life and the quality of your practice. Go ahead and do it now. Don’t wait.

Patti Paz Team Leader, Idaho Estate Planning

The Cash Flow Focuser helped us to get focused on what was in the pipeline and how we could attack it. Be ready to learn how to work smarter instead of just harder, harder and harder and getting frustrated. This program [Practice Growth Program] helps you to work smarter and gives you the tools to do it.

Mark Bobotek Golden Oak Elder Law P.C.

If you really participate in this program [Practice Growth Program], you are focused and you are accountable on the things that make you money, the things that don't make you money, and the things that you should be doing and the things that other people should be doing. Be ready to play a bigger game than you used to play. You're going to be using tools where you can’t fool yourself.

Greg Stokes Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.

Atticus touched on all the basics in a fairly comprehensive fashion. Each segment seemed to be just the right length of time and dealt with things every well-run law firm should be doing. I particularly enjoyed the exercises. They kept me focused on each topic. The written seminar material was helpful in visualizing improvements that we should all work towards.

Jack L. Townsend, Sr. Jack L. Townsend, Sr., P.A.

The [Atticus] workshop was just what we needed to help with confronting how are we planning for the next one, five and ten years. This was eye-opening, rejuvenating, and refreshing for this 25+ year attorney. Through the course work and presentations on goal setting, time/self-management reviews, marketing planning and operations/cash flow oversight, I became re-energized about focusing on the tremendous business opportunity in my practice. I'm now enthusiastically running my law business instead of it running me.

Wayne G. Travell Hirschler Fleischer

We have a successful practice based on a sound business model, but we have discussed for some time our desire to take our firm to the next level. We believe that [Atticus] has given us the tools to do so and has changed our whole perspective on our respective practices and the firm as a whole. We believe the principles taught by [Atticus] are sound and look forward to putting your time-management, marketing, staffing, cash flow and other systems into practice.

Kevin J. Webb Curry & Friend

The [Atticus Program] encourages you not to accept the status quo. It makes you realize that you are in charge of your practice. It teaches you to think smarter, not work harder, manage your time more effectively, hire the right people and grow your practice.

Susan Stobbart Shapiro Council Baradel

My weekend at the [Atticus Program] course provided me with an entirely fresh perspective on my practice and opened the door to an idea that, prior to Atticus, seemed paradoxical: That I could actually engineer my practice so that I could become more profitable while working fewer hours. In short, it was an eye-opener. Thank you.

Ted Staples Staples Law Group

What I like about the [Atticus Program] is that it focuses you directly on the issues. It's a "workmanlike" program with serious content and practical suggestions that should pay off over time. No fluff. Right now, I feel like I'm turning the ship in the right direction. I always thought I was focused and organized, but when I came back I realized I needed to eliminate distractions and budget my time better. As soon as I did, I became much more effective. The program also helped me point my team in the right direction. They get that if we do what Atticus suggests, we're going to increase our incomes, which translates into a better personal and professional lives.

Mindy Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Centers

I've taken away the hiring and firing process by learning how to hire and how to conduct interviews, so that was really key for me. Also putting into place a bonus structure. Without a shadow of a doubt it [Practice Growth Program] has changed my practice tremendously. It would not have grown had I not participated in this.

Richard Johnson The Johnson Firm, PC

One of the things we've gotten out of the workshop [Practice Growth Program] is focus. We've been able to focus on our business and we’ve been able to add staff – the right staff – and we've been able to put in some systems we didn't have before that we didn't even know existed. Our revenues have definitely increased so we've seen a definite improvement in that, so that's a very positive thing. It's a chance to get focused and rejuvenated, and the ideas are phenomenal and we always benefit something from the workshop. We always have a great take home.

Abe Limon Limon Law Office

The [Atticus Program] helped energize me anew to run a better practice and a better life. There is great power in the words they shared: "This is my practice and this is my life." Their written materials are an invaluable resource for managing everything from staff to calendars, emails, marketing timetables and profit margins. The trip to Florida from Texas was well worth the investment.

Thomas Marks The Marks Law Firm P.A.

One aspect I particularly liked is Atticus' emphasis on ethics. They help to develop a strong and healthy relationship with clients, staff, resources and the community. After going through this program the quality of my clients improved ddramatically as did my referrals and our team's work product! I work normal hours and have developed healthy boundaries between my personal and professional life. I can honestly say my quality of life and the quality of my practice have improved greatly!

Kate Mesic The Law Offices of Kate Mesic, PA

The sections that I enjoyed the most were time management and client development. Both of these had concrete, practical ideas that could be implemented immediately. The moment I got back to the office I put them to the test and they worked! The level of my interruptions has gone down tremendously, which means I am much more productive. On the client development side, the exercises forced me to sit down and think about, "why am I in business and what am I trying to accomplish?" something that I have not done before. This set a clear path for me and I know what I want to do now.

Kathryn F. Scott Scott & Fenderson

[Atticus] re-ignited my passion for the law and my law office. After 12 years of being a lawyer, I feel that same excitement I had for the law and for practicing law that I had when I graduated from law school. I feel optimistic and happy about my future and my law practice and about being a lawyer. Seriously, we are so happy we attended. It has really refocused us in a way that was long overdue.

Adam Klauber Klauber Shields

What we learned from Atticus is that you can't be great unless you get very deliberate about how you do things. Everything from the way you greet clients to the management of cash flow and the hiring of staff are all critical parts in the machine that we call a law firm. Atticus has concisely identified all of those parts, broken them down to their most basic components, and provided tools to improve and in some cases reinvent each one of them. The best part about the process is that, as attorneys, we already know how to do it. Re-engineering your law practice takes the same skills required to dissect a case; you methodically analyze its parts, map out a plan and then implement it. Just like a lawsuit, there will be surprises along the way, but you can handle those by re-evaluating the plan and making the changes necessary to stay on course.

Judd P. Koenig Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt

My weekend at the [Atticus Program] in Orlando was the single most beneficial experience I have had over my career. The organization, structure, content, personnel, presentation, and materials presented by Atticus were of the highest quality and exemplified the standards by which I strive to operate my law office. I am a lawyer who has been operating a small practice (along with my law partner) for the past two (2) years. Coming into the weekend, my partner and I had widespread thoughts regarding our future goals for the firm and the processes to move us towards those goals. The [Atticus Program] weekend was exactly what we needed in order to condense and crystallize our goals in order to create an effective plan of action within which we have a formula to achieve those goals.

Lawrence M. Lehmann Lehmann Norman & Marcus

Atticus taught us to only accept and retain clients who have legal issues in our areas of core competence and expertise and who truly appreciate the value we provide for them. Atticus helped our firm evolve from an ill-defined general civil practice into one of the most respected family wealth counseling and estate planning and administration law firms in our region. The highlight of our relationship with Atticus is our five-year partnership with our Atticus Certified Practice Advisor. Glenn Gutek has not only helped us define and achieve lofty professional and personal goals, not only taught us coaching skills which have made us better counselors at law, not only has he led us through our firm's recovery from Hurricane Katrina, but more than anything, he has become a close personal friend.

Kevin Urbatsch Urbatsch Law Firm P.C.

What we’ve been able to do is…I’ve been able to take weekends off, which was always a bonus because before I started the program I wasn’t able to do so, so that’s been a real help to me personally. I would strongly recommend anybody who’s trying to get to the next level of their practice to consider this program [Practice Growth Program].

David S. Ged Ged Law

Sitting in the program, I felt as if every issue in the 7 steps to re-engineering your law firm applied to my situation. I walked away from the weekend rejuvenated and excited about implementing the steps to achieve the goals of working less and making more money. Since my return and implementation of some of the concepts and processes I learned, I have noticed a difference in my attitude – as well as my staff's. I would encourage any attorney who wants to gain control of their life and enjoy the practice of law to attend [Atticus Program]. I have recommended it to every attorney I meet that faces the same challenges as I have in the past.

Brian D. Guralnick Brian D. Guralnick Injury

First, I would like to say that I am constantly referring any overworked and/or inefficient lawyer that I know to Atticus. Since I am very selective on whom I work with, that speaks volumes of you and your coaches. I also appreciate that you are not a high-pressure sales person and it is evident that you truly want to help people who are interested in helping themselves in their legal and personal endeavors.

Tom Hartzell Finucane and Hartzell, Attorneys at Law

Atticus gave us a plan for implementation of time management and financial awareness in our practice. Atticus really challenged us to follow through on that plan and gave us direction to implement the steps to really take our practice to the next level. We have increased revenue and our time is used more efficiently, which gives us more confidence to operate as attorneys and as humans. The [Atticus Program] really made how we operate more efficient because we are in action. Atticus is like professional therapy.

Philip S. Kinney Kinney & Sasso Attorneys at Law, PLLC

[Atticus] identified areas of weakness and systems for improving to sustain long term success. The two areas of the [Atticus Program] that were very beneficial for me were staffing and marketing. These are also the weakest areas of my business. I don't enjoy managing employees, and historically, I've been lazy about marketing. Instead, I tend to focus on doing 99.9% of the work with very little delegation. [Atticus] provides systems for dealing with both. The seminar ended on Saturday evening. On Sunday, I reviewed my notes and the materials that were provided, and by Monday I instituted new systems for both areas. The changes provided instantaneous results.

I have attended two [Atticus Programs] in Orlando and was very impressed with the structure of the seminars. Although the workshops were intense, I found the material and the coaches to be extremely thought-provoking and the time moved quickly. Your identification of the significant issues facing attorneys, both professionally and personally, is right on point and certainly resonated with me and my associates. We are excited to continue implementing your recommendations and to further our partnership with Atticus.

Wade Adams

I found [Atticus] both uplifting and informative. I wish I had gone to such a seminar when I first started out. What amazed me was it is not too late! I am going to implement many of the suggestions I learned from [Atticus]. Thank you so much! I would encourage any practitioner, whether just starting out – or having practiced for years, to attend your seminar. There's definitely something there for everyone.

Elaine A. Barbour

The lessons I learned from [Atticus] are already making a difference. My days are much less stressful, and I feel like I am in control of my practice for the first time in several years. I'm happier. My law partner is happier. My staff is happier, and my wife is happier. Although my practice is not yet where I want it to be, I am on the road to that destination. After attending the [Atticus Program], I finally have a clear map for the path ahead. My only regret is that I didn’t attend years earlier.

John Primeau Butler & Primeau

I believe that if I implement the principals I learned at Atticus, Atticus will prove to be a life-changing experience. I have been trying to block time, attend marketing events, lunches, etc... and just improve every aspect of my practice. I have been going home on time and I have been much more productive at the office. I have been establishing and rekindling relationships with attorneys and other professionals who will be referring quality business to my office.

David Shuler Shuler Law Firm, LLC

The [Atticus Program] was a truly eye-opening and transforming experience. The systematic, common sense approach employed by the presenters opened up a sense of possibility to the notion that the practice of law can be, and should be, both a learned profession and a profitable entrepreneurial venture.

Karl Burgunder

It is not your father's CLE experience. The [Atticus Program] is designed to rebuild your practice by challenging your assumptions and giving you the tools to begin anew. I found the [Atticus Program] to be informative, engaging, and valuable, as the time spent away from the practice was well worth it. I recommend [Atticus] to any attorney who desires to become a better businessperson.

Brian Thompson Day Pitney LLP

[Atticus] provided a comprehensive, systematic approach to transforming our law firm from a successful provider of legal services to an extremely well-run law business that provides exceptional client experiences as well as results. We were impressed with the content of this program and are excited about implementing what we learned.

Mindy L. Zoghlin The Zoghlin Group, PLLC
Chris & Shannon Carlyle The Carlyle Appellate Law Firm

[Atticus] was recommended to us by some of the top lawyers in Florida. We kept hearing about [Atticus] through so many trial lawyers that we decided to give it a try. Afterward, we chose to move forward with one-on-one coaching and the Rainmakers program. It has been an amazing learning experience. The Atticus philosophy has had a profound impact on everything that we do.

Gregory J. Donoghue Law Offices of Donoghue & Associates

For me, [Atticus] was like somebody grabbing me by the collar and saying, "Hold on! Sit still for a minute and listen. There is a better way." Let's be honest with ourselves, most lawyers will never, of their own initiative, set up an organized, systematic approach to managing and building a legal practice, much less one that involves having a balanced life. As lawyers we need to face the reality that setting up a systematic approach to running a legal practice is a necessity and we need help to do this. This is what Atticus brings to the table. I only wish I had attended the [Atticus Program] earlier in my career.

John J. Flanagan Torti Flanagan, P.C.

After 25 years in private practice, I found the [Atticus Program] to be an insightful look into the business of law office management. I found the program enriching, both as to what I needed to do to build a better practice, but also as to the things my office was doing right. The implementation stage is the key, and the Atticus process emphasizes and assists with this critical stage after you have returned. This is most helpful as progress is made while the lessons learned at the progam move from implementation to fruition. I would recommend [Atticus] without hesitation.

Glen Ged Ellis, Ged & Bodden, P.A.

I started working with Atticus because I wanted my business to work for me, not me working for my business. With the time management, marketing, staffing and financial tools I received from Atticus, I was able to treat my business as a business and gain great financial rewards and more family freedom.

William Burriss Burriss Ridgeway

[Atticus] has been a life changing event in my personal and professional life. I now have a clear sense of direction of where I am headed and, more importantly, how to get there. The [Atticus Program] was not only enlightening and informative, but was also fun. It was neat to build relationships with other attorneys around the country who are experiencing the same issues I experience on a day-to-day basis. That alone was worth the price of admission.

David P. Carlton David Carlton Mediation

The systems approach in the [Atticus Program] really struck a chord with me. I can see how this approach would make our practice less dependent on me, and at the same time improve our service to the client and increase profitability. I strongly recommend [Atticus]. It allows you to put yourself first, and build your practice around your goals and values. For one, I'm tired of being wed to the practice of law and [Atticus] has shown me the way out of the storm.

Sonny Chastain Kean | Miller, LLP

[Atticus] caused me to pick my head up from the daily grind and further identify my personal priorities and professional goals. I worked with Nora Bergman and other Atticus team members who offered great practical advice on changes to consider to my management/marketing systems which would enable me to move closer to achieving my goals. While at the conference, I also enjoyed working with my attorney group members who were from all around the country. In my group, we discussed common practice management issues in the business of law today and exchanged ideas to address them.

Ivan Clements Ivan K. Clements, Jr., P.A.

Before Atticus came into my life, I was struggling. I was a sole practitioner who was basically starting from scratch. I didn't have much business. To make matters worse, I didn’t know how to get more clients or run my practice like a business after I did. Thanks to Atticus and my coach, Glenn Gutek (a.k.a. "my man"), I now know how to take control over my time, my practice and my personal life. I use Atticus "time blocking" on my calendar, and I leverage my time by delegating properly to my team. This has made a huge impact on my practice and my life. I take four trips per year with my wife, and I have complete peace of mind on each trip knowing that "all is well" back at the office. I rarely make more than two calls to the office while I'm away on vacation. That says a lot. Of course, I also like the fact that I'm making a LOT more money now!!

Bill Friedler Ruberto, Israel & Weiner

Based upon my own experience, the [Atticus Program] and Advanced Implementation System provides a lawyer with an organized framework and structure to potentially transform a law practice, and in the process improve the attorney/owner's life. The Program does this while simultaneously enhancing the quality of the firm for the benefit of the clients. The Program coupled with the Advanced Implementation System is truly remarkable.

Jim Ballerano Day Pitney LLP

I attended the [Atticus Program] in Dallas with my partner. The light went off for him immediately about how the Atticus principles could work for our practice, so we launched into a coaching program together. Working with an Atticus coach is by far the smartest decision I have made in nearly 30 years of practicing law!

Linda I. Braithwaite The Family Law Source

…nine years later, I find that the environment has significantly changed, both in technology and economy. I knew that attending another [Atticus] Workshop would be just what I needed to get back on track and succeed even as others will continue to struggle in this financial market. The four (4) week follow-up to keep the ball rolling helps us to cement the ideas, systems, and work habits that make the program so successful. Many thanks to all of you at Atticus for your continued support.

James F. Burdi Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP

The two-day [Atticus Program] has me completely re-thinking the way I practice law. Many of the changes I have had to make are fundamental departures from the way I've been doing things for 27 years, but the support from my practice advisors has made it easier for me to implement these changes, and the weekly teleconferences are keeping me on track and accountable. The results, in just three weeks, are measurable and dramatic, Mark, and I have nothing but unreserved praise for [Atticus]. Thank you.

Ben H. Cristal Cristal | Hanenian

Sitting in the [Atticus] seminar, I realized that there were attorneys all at different stages of progress. The range seemed to be attorneys with no basic knowledge of how to run a business to attorneys that seemed to be doing most things successfully. However, the course was still presented in such a manner that benefited everyone; and in working in different break-out groups, I could tell that even the successful attorneys were making breakthroughs in their thinking. If you are doing things right, [Atticus Program] helps you understand why it is right and to build on it. If there are areas in which you are lacking, it lays out a framework to succeed.

Ted Anderson Kilgore & Kilgore, PLLC

Personal injury lawyers know the chaos and sense of helplessness often associated with personal injury practices. I know from my own experience. Atticus teaches us lawyers efficient time management techniques. Atticus gives us the resources to effectively manage the support staff that is so valuable to the personal injury practice. Atticus also helped me implement and build an effective client development program to feed my personal injury machine. They can help you too.

John M. Bansbach Bansbach Law P.C.

The [Atticus] seminar challenged the way I thought about the business of practicing law. The two days of thoughtful, comprehensive and entertaining talks, along with the presentations, group discussions and team exercises has re-charged my enthusiasm for practicing law. The many serious topics covered were handled with keen insights, practical observations, and humor. I would recommend it for any attorney interested in improving the business of their law practice and the resulting personal and professional benefits.

Donald Armstrong Pomeroy, Armstrong, Casullo & Monty, LLP

Working with Atticus has allowed me to separate my work from my personal life. I no longer feel guilty about taking a full weekend off. The down time fully energizes me to handle my work. I look at the practice (and many of the common problems like personnel, productivity and organization) very differently now. My Atticus training affects my view and my way of thinking to this very day.


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