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Attorney and staff behavioral personality preferences and styles
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What is the DISC?

Computers have manuals – why not people? The key to successful talent selection, management and personal growth is knowledge of each person’s unique behaviors. With this knowledge, people can be effectively coached by maximizing strengths to achieve the firm’s goals.

The DISC Assessment provides key insights to the attorney into their behavioral personality preferences and styles. This includes how ones personality profile shapes their marketing activities, interactions with staff, and the impact of their change efforts in their life and practice. These insights help you to become more aware of how you influence your surroundings and how to better handle situations you encounter.

The DISC Assessment is also a great tool to gain these insights about a potential employee or staff member. To gain a complete scope of your practice’s personality variants, we highly recommend the DISC Assessment for both attorneys and key staff members. As a client of Atticus, these insights are vital tools in the coaching process and help ensure maximum benefits from our services.

DISC Dimensions

This Target Training International (TTI) Assessment is based on a theory of behavior called “DISC”, an acronym that represents four different dimensions of normal behavior, which are:

– how you respond to problems and challenges.
– how you influence others to your point of view.
– how you respond to the pace of environment.
– how you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

We all operate across these four dimensions with differing levels of intensity in each dimension. By understanding our own behavioral style and appreciating the behavioral style of others we can increase our effectiveness, improve our communication-both in the workplace and in our personal lives, and enhance the quality of all of our relationships.

In your role as an attorney, the DISC Assessment can help you:

  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, preferences and needs unique to your personality.
  • Learn to improve your communication with partners, clients and colleagues.
  • Discover new ways to reduce and manage conflict with others.
  • Learn about your “Natural” and “Adapted” behavioral styles – and what they can tell you about the level of stress you feel.

In your role as a manager or supervisor of others, the DISC Assessment can help you:

  • Identify those who excel at interviews, but fail as employees.
  • Reduce turnover by hiring potential employees who are a good fit for the job – and the team.
  • Distinguish which staff members are well-suited for promotion.
  • Motivate your employees to dramatically increase their effectiveness and value to the firm.
  • Build sound employee-manager relationships.

In your role as an entrepreneur or marketer, the DISC Assessment can help you:

  • Learn how your natural behavioral style influences the people around you.
  • Discover how you can become more social in different settings and situations.
  • Create the most comfortable environments for marketing yourself.

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The DISC Behavioral Assessment is a great tool to use in your pre-hiring assessment, creating cooperation and in getting prospective clients to hire you.

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