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The Atticus Library features supplemental and stand-alone book publications written by our own expert team and advisors.

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Geared specifically towards attorneys and law firms, our collection offers invaluable, focused insights that address specific areas of practice management. Each selection is highly beneficial on its own, or as supplemental guidance that compliments and affirms our coaching programs and workshops.


Cashflow & Profitability

What law school didn’t teach you about running a successful law firm

By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

What if you could help your law firm grow profitably, in a sustainable way, by putting a few critical systems in place? As the owner of a small or solo firm, you might have all the legal skills you need but few of the practical abilities required to run a financially successful law firm.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

At Atticus, we believe that a well run law firm allows you to help a tremendous number of people, gives you great personal freedom and offers abundant financial rewards. But your firm can only deliver on its potential if you can build a highly productive team. Hire Slow, Fire Fast provides you with an easy-to-follow system to help you first build, and then manage and motivate that team….

Time Management for Attorneys

By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

Poor time management habits lead to stress, frustration and a constant feeling of being out of control. It is possible for you to take control, gain more freedom and manage your time well…if you have the right tools and strategies at your disposal. Compiled in this book are all the time-tested techniques we have learned over the years and put into an easy-to-use guide just for attorneys….

How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers

By Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

In today’s competitive business climate, it is more important than ever that attorneys take the time to develop the marketing skills and habits needed to attract higher value clients and referral sources. Now, for the first time ever, you have a guide to help you achieve the marketing goals that put you in control of your practice and your life!….


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