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The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to the Laws of Practice Growth

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The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to the Laws of Practice Growth: A Strategic Guide for Attorneys on How to Accelerate a Law Firm and Still Find Time for a Great Life

By Steve Riley

A strategic guide for attorneys on how to accelerate a law firm and still find time for a great life.



Publishing Details
  • Print Length: 88 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1480116750
  • Publication Date: October 14, 2012
  • Language: English

12 reviews for The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to the Laws of Practice Growth

  1. Elizabeth M.

    Very helpful! Many key ideas. Concise and to the point with information on how to follow up and learn more. Very useful.

  2. Matthew C.

    Must read for lawyers looking to grow their practices!

    Steve is the real deal. This short book has suggestions and strategies that you can implement immediately to start growing your practice. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in moving their practice forward, increasing their revenue, or getting clarity on the business of law.

  3. Bill W.

    Good book from someone who knows their stuff.

    We purchased these books as gifts. Steve Riley is a man who knows what he’s talking about. If you want to grow your practice Steve can help you get there.

  4. Ron Z.

    Concise, practical and immediately useful.

    This easy to read and very practical guide to practice growth was well worth my money and time investment. Mr. Riley lays out 10 “laws,” each with concrete strategies for implementation. Most are self-evident, but things that we practitioners often overlook. For example, one “law” deals with the importance of gratitude shown to clients, referral sources and staff. Riley’s simple suggestions will be easily implemented. Another “law” differentiates between innovation and improvement, an important distinction that had never been clear to me. I read this in about an hour and came away with several items for my to-do list – specific tasks I will implement over the next 90 days.

  5. Neel S.

    A great, quick read packed with actionable items! I’m keeping this book within arm’s reach of my desk..

    The title of the book says it all. I’ve read (or tried to finish reading) several books on this topic and frequently came away feeling either overwhelmed with the sheer volume of useless information or annoyed at the lack of actionable items.

    I started reading this book on a flight from Austin to New Jersey & was finished by the time I landed (ok, I did have a 1 hour layover in Houston, too.) By the time I was done with my first read of the book, I had dog-eared several pages, written notes in the margin & made a quick list of things I plan to incorporate in my practice immediately. I’m excited to try the concepts & strategies Steve has shared!

  6. Kevin Q.

    Practical, Straight Forward, Ready to Use Value.

    Riley does a great job of laying out a very straight forward practical series of steps to grow your practice. His style is clean, simple, direct and understandable. Each chapter provides explicit advice that the lawyer can immediately implement to improve his or her practice. Taken as a whole, the book creates a road map to building a rewarding, less stressful and more enjoyable practice. I immediately implemented several of his suggestions. In particular, the chapter about taking steps to build value into your practice so that it is attractive to potential buyers helped me develop a new vision for my practice. This book is a quick and easy read and a must for any lawyer who intends to turn his or her practice into a valuable business.

  7. Christopher B.

    Every Lawyer Should Pick This Up.

    If you are a lawyer who depends on bringing in clients, growing your practice and wants to have a quality life/work balance, then I recommend you pick up Mr. Riley’s book. He breaks down 10 laws for growth of your practice very succinctly so that any attorney can not only understand, but implement. I would defiantly recommend you pick up this short read, grab a pen and paper to take notes, then implement his recommendations.

  8. LR Peterson, Attorney

    Treat your practice like a business.

    I picked up this book after attending a seminar where Steve Riley was one of the featured presenters. Steve’s concepts hit me between the eyes and showed me how to step out of my practice and learn how to view and treat it like a business. I would recommend you get this book and contact Steve if you are an attorney wanting to grow your practice.

  9. Suzann B.

    Fantastic Book! Great Insights!

    I just finished this book, which will be extraordinarily helpful in my practice and I look forward to implementing what i have learned right away. Mr. Riley has a unique insight into what a busy lawyer needs to grow his/her practice without giving up a fulfilling life in the process. Every lawyer should read this book.

  10. Tim A.

    Significantly Exceeded My Expectations!

    Not just another “laws of” book! Buy it and read it; have a pen ready because you will be taking notes, underlining, and highlighting. You WILL use it as a REFERENCE in your daily business management. Also, be sure to contact Steve if you REALLY want to grow your practice and live a better life.

  11. TheEnergyCoach

    Helpful for all service practices.

    I am not a Lawyer but I am in a Service Industry and I found the information that Steve has shared in this book can be applied to many industries.

    I have already started implementing the Growth Strategies Steve has suggested in each chapter of his book and can already see the benefits in my own thinking and clarity about where I want to go in the future. Thank you Steve for a great handbook!

  12. Mike W.

    Great read for those looking to grow their practice and still keep a life.

    This book contained a number of great tips for busy attorneys trying to grow their practice. It is a quick, easy read that is sure to help you build your practice with ten easy steps – I highly recommend it.

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