What is it, and is it right for me?

Watch the video to learn more about the Practice Growth Diagnostic™ and how it can benefit your practice.


Facing Attorneys and Their Practices

Are you working as hard as you possibly can but your practice isn’t as profitable as it should be?
Growing a thriving firm requires a deep understanding of how your communication and management styles impact your business. That insight begins with the Practice Growth Diagnostic™.

If any of these questions resonate with you, we can help you address the issues and get your firm under control.

You CAN increase revenue, attract optimal clients, streamline the administrative area of your firm, all while reducing stress and providing you more quality time to spend outside of the office.

A Healthier Practice Starts With an Accurate Diagnosis

The Focused DiSC® Advantage™

Are you building a practice around your strengths? The DiSC® assessment provides key insights into your personal communication style and behavioral tendencies. Our proven methodology reveals how your personality affects your practice’s profitability. You’ll discover how to work within your strengths to build up your business. You’ll start running with the grain vs. against the grain.

The Practice Assessment™

The Practice Growth Diagnostic™ Assessment reviews your law firm’s current profitability, staffing, time management, and marketing — the four cornerstones of practice growth. Based on the information you provide, we tailor our suggestions to address your particular needs and goals.

The Advisor Growth Analysis™

After you complete the assessment, which take about 30 minutes, a Practice Growth Diagnostic™ Advisor will offer feedback and a perspective on what the assessment reveals about you and your practice. This might include bringing into focus any uncomfortable “blind spots” that are holding your growth back. It’s a frank conversation covering how your unique traits and tendencies directly influence your law firm’s profitability, your ability to implement and accept change, and your personal and work relationships.

The 3 Most Impactful Actions

You will be astonished, perhaps even overwhelmed, by the amount of information and insights you gain. Your Practice Growth Diagnostic Advisor will help you identify the three most impactful actions you can take immediately to help you move your practice forward.

Investment: $295
Time: 1 Hour
Results: Immeasurable

The Diagnostic is the perfect instrument to determine a baseline for your law firm’s operations and discover what incremental actions you must take to lower your stress, increase your income, and fall in love with running your practice. Hundreds of attorneys have found it to be time and money very well spent.


Read what our clients are saying about the Practice Growth DiagnosticTM

The Practice Growth Diagnostic was both a time and cost-effective way to see the areas where I needed to improve. The Diagnostic test alone was enlightening, and the subsequent call with the Atticus staff to distill the results provided a wealth of information to work with. The results confirmed weaknesses... as well as providing me with information and resources to utilize to immediately begin making positive changes. Learning Atticus has various resources available and programs to participate in was icing on the cake! I would definitely recommend the Practice Growth Diagnostic to any attorney who feels like their practice is in charge of them, instead of the attorney being in charge of the practice.

Anna Bond Bond Family Law, PC, Boulder, Colorado

I felt it was valuable. My management style and skills were considered, and I'm looking forward to implementing on the areas of improvement. Yes, I would recommend it to other attorneys!

William (Bill) S. Fralin The Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm, PC, Arlington, Virginia

The Practice Growth Diagnostic was exceptionally accurate in several areas. So much so that I called a good friend of mine to confirm the results. It forces you to step back and take a hard look at yourself. You can immediately apply the findings to improving in your practice.

Holly Geerdes Geerdes & Associates, Atlanta, Georgia

The Practice Growth Diagnostic encouraged and helped us to put into place procedures and systems that allow us to be more efficient. It highlighted where we were breaking down and gave us tools to work with.

Geoff Bichler Bichler, Oliver,Longo & Fox, PLLC, Orlando, Florida

I have seen immediate improvement. Would I recommend a Practice Growth Diagnostic to a fellow lawyer? Without hesitation. I'd compare it to seeing a specialist for a single problem versus having a comprehensive top to bottom physical, which is what the Practice Growth Diagnostic is. It helps you see that all aspects of what Atticus teaches need to work together and that simply being a better marketer alone doesn't advance firm growth. You'll achieve a substantial and immediate return on your very modest investment.

Albert H. Lechner Terrell Hogan Yegelwel, PA, Jacksonville, Florida


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