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Mark Powers

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Mark Powers

President / Shareholder / Certified Practice Advisor

Mark Powers, President of Atticus, has been coaching attorneys for nearly thirty years. He is the founder and developer of the first personalized training program dedicated to teaching attorneys the lasting skills and habits necessary for practice development. These skills include strategic planning, client development, customer service, prioritization, time blocking, managing interruptions, financial management, staffing, and delegation.

Mark is a national speaker who has worked with members of the American Bar Association and bar associations in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, and other states. He co-authored The Making of a Rainmaker: An Ethical Approach to Marketing for Solo and Small Firm Practitioners, published by The Florida Bar. A nationally recognized expert in the field, Mark has also been featured in publications such as Lawyers Weekly USA, Money magazine, American Bar Association Journal, Florida Bar News, and Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers Journal.

Mark previously served as the chief executive officer and president of a multi-million-dollar, privately held company, and as a corporate manager in a Fortune 500 company based in Connecticut. A native of Massachusetts, he has a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston. His undergraduate studies include a bachelor’s degree in economics and criminal justice. His mission at Atticus is to keep attorneys focused on what is really important in their lives, to provide them with the training and skills necessary to build and maintain sustainable practices, and, finally, to provide a structure of accountability and support for achieving their goals.

An internationally known speaker, Mark has spoken to thousands of attorneys in multiple venues, such as The American Bar Association and The Law Society of Scotland. He has spoken to bar associations in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina, and Texas, and has delivered presentations to law organizations such as The Fund, Wyoming Trial Lawyers, the Dallas INBLF, and Tennessee Trial Lawyers.

For inquiries or to schedule an engagement with Mark Powers, call toll free (888) 644-0022.