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Nora Riva Bergman

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Nora joined Atticus as a Certified Practice Advisor in 2006. A licensed attorney since 1992, Nora brings a deep understanding of the practice and business of law to her work with lawyers, law firms and bar associations. She has practiced as an employment law attorney and certified mediator and has served as an adjunct professor at both Stetson University College of Law and the University of South Florida, teaching courses in alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. Nora has been a speaker at conferences for the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the National Association of Bar Executives, The Florida Bar and other national and regional legal organizations. She also served for eight years as the Executive Director of a voluntary bar association with over 1,200 members.

Her background as an attorney, law professor and bar executive gives her a unique perspective on the challenges lawyers face. In addition to her broad experience with all aspects of the law firm, Nora understands the importance of, and is committed to, helping attorneys leverage technology in order to maximize their ultimate success.

Nora is a graduate of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College, and is certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile® developed by the LDI to help individuals and organizations learn how to deal with conflict constructively. She is also certified by Target Training International in both DISC and EQ. Nora is a graduate of Villanova University’s Lean Six Sigma Program and is certified by Villanova as a Lean Six Sigma Sensei. She is also a member of the Thought Leader Team at Law Without Walls, an international program for law students founded by the University of Miami School of Law. She is the author of 50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More – Stress Less – Be Awesome, a practice handbook for attorneys.

Nora received an undergraduate degree in journalism, summa cum laude, from the University of South Florida and her J.D., cum laude, from Stetson University College of Law, where she was a member of the law review and served as a mentor for incoming students.

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Client Testimonials

I started working with Nora more than 10 years ago after hearing her speak at a conference I attended.  I was blown away by how she described treating your law firm as a business.  I had never heard that before.  She has been my business coach during the time my firm tripled, my income soared, and my stress level and working time were reduced! I can’t thank her enough for changing my career and my life!

Michele Zavos, Offit Kurman
Bethesda, Maryland []

Working with Nora as our Atticus coach made our law firm better, stronger and more profitable. She is patient, understanding and reflective. Her guidance and counsel came at just the right time in our law practice. We now work better as a team and have plenty of free time to do the things we want to do.

Gregory M. Stokes, Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.
Atlanta, Georgia []

Nora is more than our business coach, she’s our friend and trusted advisor. She forcefully, but lovingly, helps us be the best we can be.

Peggy Hoyt, Hoyt & Bryan, LLC
Oviedo, Florida []

After practicing for over 30 years, I found myself in a position of having to make difficult decisions regarding changes in my practice and how to prepare for the next stage of my career. Nora was my Atticus law firm business coach during this challenging time. With Nora’s guidance, I was able to visualize and act on what needed to be done. I now find my life and practice to be more fulfilling and productive.  Thank you, Nora for your exceptional support.

Eric E. Ludin, Englander Fischer
St. Petersburg, Florida []

Explore Nora’s Books

50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers: Boost Wellness. Build Resilience. Yes, you can!

Nora’s third book, 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers: Boost wellness. Build resilience. Yes, you can! is available at amazon. Nora has co-authored this book with Chelsy Castro who is a licensed attorney and holds a degree in psychology.

Praise for 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers:

As a lawyer and now as the Executive Director of ADAA, I think about happiness and purpose daily. I found many of the suggestions in 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers both insightful and practical. I will be sharing the book with my lawyer friends as well as those who may be considering becoming a lawyer. We lawyers need a book like this. Thank you.

– Susan K. Gurley, Executive Director, Anxiety and Depression Association of America

In an era of social media soundbites and trite life hacks, Chelsy and Nora created a resource that gives such pragmatic guidance and is supported by science and resources. I encourage all professionals in the legal system to dig into the book. This book has broad application to all professionals in the legal space.

– Mark Yacano, Managing Director – MLA Transform Advisory Services at Major, Lindsey & Africa

50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn more. Stress less. Be awesome.

You take care of your clients, your staff, and your law practice. Now it’s time to take care of yourself. In 50 Lessons for Lawyers, Nora Riva Bergman shares the latest strategies on productivity, marketing, and leadership, together with the lessons she’s learned in her years as a practicing attorney and business coach. You’ll get bite-sized, easily digestible advice and tips on how you can start living each lesson right now.

Praise for 50 Lessons for Lawyers:

For the brevity of its chapters, 50 Lessons is remarkably comprehensive and well-researched. It is replete with inspiring quotes and resources for further reading on any given topic. In addition to offering ways to boost productivity and quality of work, 50 Lessons also provides effective advice for achieving a balanced, healthy law practice that is consistent with one’s personal values. Indeed, this book transcends the usual dogma of best practices to increase productivity.

From time management to marketing to handling stress and conflict, 50 Lessons is chock full of practical tips for a successful legal career and a happy, balanced life. It is a valuable guide for attorneys in solo, mid-sized, and large firms in any practice area…

– Florida Bar Journal, [READ ENTIRE REVIEW]

50 Lessons for Women Lawyers – From Women Lawyers

Following the success of her first book, “50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More – Stress Less – Be Awesome,” law firm coach and author Nora Riva Bergman is returning with a new installment, “50 Lessons for Women Lawyers – From Women Lawyers.” With contributions from Bergman and 49 women lawyers from the United States and Canada, her book provides lessons for women at every stage of their careers.

Contributors include women from all types of practices – including women in private and public practice, current and former national, state, and local bar association presidents, judges, law school faculty, entrepreneurs, and other published authors. 50 Lessons for Women Lawyers – From Women Lawyers incorporates diverse perspectives from a diverse group of women. Like 50 Lessons for Lawyers: Earn More – Stress Less – Be Awesome, Bergman designed her new book so that readers can choose to read from beginning to end or skip around to find the Lessons most relevant to them – regardless of where they are in their careers or lives.