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Glenn Finch

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Glenn Finch

Shareholder / Senior Practice Advisor

For almost twenty years Glenn has worked with Atticus in matching clients with coaching programs that help them take better care of their clients, increase their incomes, decrease their stress, and achieve an overall balance in their life. As a Certified Practice Advisor, he has specialized in assisting small and medium sized firms to break those invisible barriers, which so often prevent them from reaching the next level. Glenn is adept at getting professionals to step back and envision new possibilities and creating practical strategies to make them reality. Through the formation of new habits, practice management systems and disciplines in client development, Glenn has assisted firms across the nation to double their revenues and obtain a more balanced life as a result.

Glenn is a Colonel in the Florida Army National Guard where he assists officers in organizational strategies, systems improvement, personal life management and career development.  He has been highly decorated for his leadership and personnel management after multiple active duty deployments both stateside and overseas.   He has written, developed and taught various curricula for organizational change and continues to do writing in the area of innovative leadership and team development. Prior to working with Atticus, Glenn spent 12 years as Senior Pastor for three multi-staffed churches in metropolitan areas in Florida.  In addition, he achieved the rank of San Dan and is an accomplished traditional Martial Arts Instructor providing a foundation for personal discipline and balance in life.

Glenn graduated Summa Cum Laude from Asbury University near Lexington, Kentucky with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Following college Glenn received his Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and is certified in several personality assessment tools and organizational assessments for staff training and development.  Glenn also earned a Master of Strategic Studies as a distinguished graduate of the United States Army War College. He is a frequent advisor to government agencies in both leadership capacity and staff development.

Client Testimonials

Glenn is an outstanding business consultant, in additional to being a real expert, who delivers great results for good value, he is very personable and has the highest integrity. He has become an essential component of our law practice, consulted on all major (and many apparently not major) decisions related to the administration of our law firm. It’s a privilege to work with him. Any law firm our size, 9-14 lawyers, absolutely needs to work with a consultant like Glenn.

Robert Allen, Sr. Partner, Robert Allen Law
Miami, Florida []

Glenn has transformed the way I view my law firm and myself. Equal parts coach, colleague, mentor and friend, Glenn has led me to discover truths about my law firm and myself that had to be faced to grow and prosper. He is insightful, direct and dead on. I recommend Glenn enthusiastically to anyone who is serious about taking their practice to the next level.

Mindy Zoghlin, Partner, The Zoghlin Group, PLLC
Rochester, New York []

In the age of the dubious testimonial (no, your brother in law should not be quoted on your website), I am writing with an honest to God, unsolicited testimonial for you and for Atticus. When I began working with you twelve months ago, I was the stereotypical overworked, underpaid, unhappy lawyer. If you recall, when we started, I couldn’t even take a 4-day trip to Lake Tahoe without my practice blowing up. I am happy to report that as of this writing, our Firm’s overall revenue is up and I have cut my case production time by 75%. Our office is organized and efficient in a way I never thought possible, and our attorneys are working their individual marketing plans in a way that has exploded our business (we have cut Yellow Page advertising by $4,000 per month.) Best of all, I just returned from a 26 (yes 26) day trip to Southeast Asia, which included Hong Kong, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, without a single phone call to the office and without a pile of work on my return. So, thank you for the amazing expertise and energy you brought to our coaching relationship. I will be happy to speak with anyone who would like additional information about working with Atticus before signing up. I hope this finds you well.

David Crum, Esq., New Mexico Legal Group
Albuquerque, New Mexico []

Atticus has been a great catalyst for my career. It has taught me some valuable lessons that I do not believe I would have obtained elsewhere. My experiences with Atticus have been very positive, and I have encouraged other lawyers to consider utilizing Atticus’ offerings.

Jonathan L. Hay, Co-Founder, Purcell Flanagan Hay Greene
Jacksonville, Florida []

I suggest that you speak with Glenn and TRUST that if you follow what Glenn suggests you will make more money—enjoy your practice more—and most importantly get your personal and family life back.

Anthony R. DeChello, DeChello Law Firm, LLC
North Haven, Connecticut []

It is no coincidence that Atticus Finch comes to mind when I think of Glenn. I have spent endless hours studying the “self-improvement” and teamwork canons. Now I’m fresh from one of Glenn’s intense weekend coaching workshops, I have rarely if ever felt so inspired and hopeful for transformation. There’s a lot of wisdom out there, but Glenn brings joy and zest to it all. That is some kind of magical.

Anita Schnee, Associate Attorney, Estate and Elder Law Planning Center
Fayetteville, Arkansas []