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Daniel Struna, Esq.

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Daniel Struna, Esq.

Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services with Atticus, Daniel Struna conducts in-depth diagnostics and consultations with attorneys and law firms. As a licensed attorney, he is uniquely qualified to help clients identify their core issues in the areas of time management, work/life balance, staffing, profitability, and client development. He also works with attorneys who are looking for guidance across a full range of exit strategies, from selling their firm to bringing on a successor.

Since joining Atticus, Daniel has worked with the top attorney coaches and innovators in the country. His goal is to help attorneys increase income, decrease stress, improve their client experience, and have more time to pursue personal interests. Daniel also discusses DISC behavioral profiles with attorneys to help them achieve a better understanding of how their unique personality impacts their strategies for growth.

Daniel also enjoys speaking to attorney groups in the areas of law practice management and growth. He has taught for several state bar associations in this capacity. Prior to joining Atticus, Daniel co-founded a million dollar small business and consulted a multi-million dollar development company in Bogota. Daniel has a degree in Theology and is a licensed attorney in two states. He lives with his wife, Natalia, in Orlando, Florida.