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Josh Dorcey

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Josh Dorcey

Adjunct Practice Advisor and Attorney

Josh Dorcey is the founder and managing partner of Dorcey Law Firm, PLC, a Florida based firm focusing on Estate Planning, Business Planning and Asset Protection. Josh started Dorcey Law in the recession of 2007 and in the past 15 years has grown the firm from being a solo practice to 12 attorneys (8 full time and 4 of counsel), and 42 staff members. The firm’s revenue exceeded $4.5 million in 2021, where his personal rainmaking and collections have exceeded $2million each year since 2019.

Josh has been named a Florida Super Lawyer for 2021 and 2022 and was named in 2020 as one of the top 40 under 40 most influential people in southwest Florida by Gulf Shore Business Magazine for his business and philanthropic endeavors. The Dorcey Law Firm was named by Florida Trend Magazine to be in the top 100 Best Companies to Work for in Florida for 2020 and 2021.

The law firm is designed as a system and process driven firm allowing for a maximization of efficiencies to increase and improve revenue, profitability, and quality of life. As you can imagine, Josh is a goal driven individual to the point where he sets and attempts daily to stay connected to his long-term goals. One way that he stays connected is by reading a statement he wrote many years ago about what he would want people to say about him at his funeral. Having that deep connection to his life goals, allows for him to remain focused on meeting the goals he sets for himself and the firm daily. His management style is to assist, when necessary, always lead by example but most of all build trust and vulnerability in his team. He attempts to understand and manage every relationship based on the communication style of the person he is interacting with to reduce confusion and maximize clarity for the best understanding and outcome for everyone involved.

Josh graduated from Samford University with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Communication Studies and he received his Juris Doctorate from Liberty University School of Law with a focus on Estate Planning and Transactional Services. Prior to law school he was a regional sales manager for a Durable Medical Equipment Company located in the southeast. As awards go for law school, he was awarded the Cali Award for both Tax and Business Tax and was awarded by the faculty the top transactional student award. Josh and his wife Lisa have endowed a scholarship and Liberty Law to help the next generation of law students achieve their academic and professional goals.

He is licensed to practice law in both Florida and Alabama where he has family in both places but the home office for Dorcey Law in Fort Myers, Florida isn’t far from his maternal family homestead that was settled in 1913 out on Pine Island. As a 4th generation Florida Cracker, he loves the great outdoors, and can be found relaxing on a body of water enjoying time with his beautiful wife and two daughters when he is not working.

Mr. Dorcey’s vision for The Dorcey Law Firm, PLC is for the firm and for himself is to be transformational. The team he has surrounded himself with today embody that same mission and vision, however, with growth comes ups and downs and like all great attorneys he found himself too busy at one point in his career to focus on the future because there was so much work to do. Growing clients wise was easy, however, increasing the size of the staff and creating and implementing internal systems and processes was a different issue. The road to growth was and is still hard, which is why Josh decided to seek out for help to get to the next level. He realized that if Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods needed coaching, so did he.

Josh has been individually coached and part of the Atticus DYM community since 2013, and is an Adjunct Practice Advisor coaching other attorneys. Atticus has provided Josh and Dorcey Law a place for growth, inspiration, collegiality, and accountability as the community shares a common vision of being the best in their field. When participating in Atticus events Josh brings his Business Manager, CFO, Project Manager and Director of Marketing to all meetings as his team are huge part of having major breakthroughs and helping facilitate the implementation of the new processes and systems once the executive team returns to the office. Josh is a common presenter at the Atticus Summit and other group coaching events and has been very collegiate to those in the Atticus community.
To be part of the Atticus DYM community each member makes a commitment to the 5 goals of a DYM’er and Josh is proud to say that he has met and sometimes exceeded the goals every years since 2019.