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Teresa Morgan

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Teresa Morgan

Practice Advisor & Attorney

Teresa Morgan, a top-rated Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, not only built a successful, boutique law firm in rural North Florida from the ground up, but was then able to identify, train, and successfully transition her practice to a younger partner.

In order to accomplish this, Teresa patiently set and consistently met the high-level goals she created for herself, her team, and her potential successor.

Teresa continues to serve the law firm’s team and clients during the transition process, while also enjoying the freedom of working fewer hours, much of the time from her second home in Virginia. She now is able to spend substantial time with her family and pursue interests outside of the law and the management of a business.

Teresa exemplifies the Atticus ideal of an attorney who has taken the idea of “working smarter, not harder” to heart and made it happen in her own life. As an advisor, she can help other attorneys as they contemplate how to make their life goals a reality.