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Dominate Your Market® Agreement

An Atticus® Group Coaching Program
  • Dominate Your Market® Agreement

    An Atticus® Group Coaching Program

  • Congratulations on joining Atticus' Dominate Your Market® group coaching program. We are eager to support your growth and success. Please review this agreement carefully to understand our relationship and the benefits included with your membership.

    Membership begins upon signing this agreement. Members will receive exclusive resources, materials, videos, and more. The Dominate Your Market® (DYM) includes the following:
    • Coaching, Guidance, and Direction in a Collaborative Learning Structure
    The advantage of working with the best law firm coaches in the country along with collaborative learning with other growth-minded legal professionals. Group working sessions led by a facilitator will meet in person for two (2) days each quarter along with the Implementation Support outlined below.
    • Atticus Resource Advisor™: Implementation Support
    Monthly one-on-one accountability calls with a Resource Advisor who will support eliminating obstacles and creating firm efficiency. The Resource Advisor provides accountability for implementation and progress toward achieving goals.
    • Annual Admission to The Summit
    The Summit (Atticus’ National Solo & Small Law Firm Conference) delivers the latest thinking and innovations in the legal community alongside valuable networking and business solutions. Ticket Value = $1,695.
    • The Practice Growth Series™
    This monthly webinar series brings new topics and presenters leading discussions focused on growing a great practice. The best-performing law firms constantly evolve, and this series is designed to generate innovative ideas and strategies to market better, hire smarter, and increase profitability. Annual Value = $995.
    • The Coaching on Demand Hotline
    Crisis and urgent matters arise. When they do, there is a dedicated hotline to get timely support from a Practice Advisor to navigate obstacles and overcome unexpected challenges.
    • The Atticus Library
    Don't "reinvent the wheel!" Gain access to immediate solutions, strategies, and tools based on our three decades of helping lawyers build thriving practices.
    • The Atticus Books
    Time Management for Attorneys ($79.95), How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers ($79.95), Hire Slow, Fire Fast ($79.95), and Cashflow & Profitability ($79.95). Collective Value $319.80.
    • The My Great Life® Planner
    Stay organized and bring both professional and personal goals into focus with this planner. Annual Value $149.85.
    • Atticus Member Portal
    Exclusive access to our customized member portal which houses session materials, forms, videos, and supportive resources. Past presentations from The Practice Growth Series™ webinars can be accessed here, unlocking strategies and support delivered before the membership start date.

    An initial membership processing fee of $________ will be charged upon processing this agreement.

    Dominate Your Market® is an annual commitment. Choose between annual or monthly payments.

    Annual Payments (with Discount Option):

    One lump sum payment of $22,950 will be processed at the time of registration. This fee will be charged automatically once every twelve (12) months. As a token of appreciation for a commitment to annual payments, this price reflects a savings of 10% on the total annual fee.

    If the client elects to pay one payment annually and benefit from the discount rate, they are committing to renewing another annual term and, therefore, would be paying in advance without the option for a refund unless there are extenuating circumstances. In such cases, Atticus reserves the right to determine if a refund is warranted based on the specific circumstances.


    Monthly Payments:

    Each month, $2,125 will be charged to the payment method on file, with the first payment due upon processing this agreement. Payments will be charged on or around the same date each month thereafter with payment collected in advance of the services rendered.

    If the client wishes to withdraw from the program before the satisfaction of the initial 12 payments, Atticus will continue charging the payment method monthly until all 12 payments have been successfully collected. If the client prefers to settle the outstanding balance in one lump sum, they may contact Atticus to process the payment.

    If the automatic payment fails for any reason, the Client has ten (10) days to update payment information. If Atticus is unable to process payment successfully within that time, the payment will be deemed as late and a single late fee charge of $35 will be applied to the invoice amount for that respective billing period.

    Email at least 48 hours before the payment date for any payment changes.

    Commencement of 12-Month Partnership
    • The Client commits to a 12-month partnership with one (1) annual payment or 12 consecutive monthly payments.
    • Transition to Month-to-Month: After 12 months, this agreement will automatically transition to a month-to-month basis. The month-to-month arrangement allows either party to terminate the agreement by providing a 30-day written notice.
    • Termination Notice and Billing: The Client agrees to adhere to the agreed-upon billing schedule. If the next billing date precedes the 30-day termination notice, payment will be collected, and services administered for the duration of that payment period.
    • Effective Cancellation Date: The effective date of cancellation in which services and access cease is 30 days after the last payment due date.
    • Outstanding Payments: Unpaid amounts beyond the effective cancellation date may lead to legal action. Unpaid balances will need to be rectified before returning to Atticus membership.
    • Termination by Atticus: In case of material breach, Atticus may terminate immediately, with the Client remaining liable for outstanding payments.

    While the current fee is valid at the contract date and through the initial 12-month agreement period, Atticus periodically adjusts pricing and reserves the right to increase pricing after agreement fulfillment to the then-current investment value.
    • Confidential Nature: The relationship with Atticus is confidential, and any information exchanged during the engagement will not be disclosed to third parties outside of Atticus.
    • Privilege Disclaimer: It is important to note that while the information shared with your Facilitator, Resource Advisor, or Practice Advisor is treated with utmost confidentiality, our records and relationships are not privileged. If the Client believes that any information is of a privileged nature or wishes to discuss information in a manner that requires special precautions, they need to inform the Practice Advisor in advance.
    • Non-Disclosure: The Client agrees not to disclose, reproduce, or use any confidential information obtained from Atticus or Atticus members for any purpose other than the intended collaboration, and to take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure.
    • Use of Intellectual Property: The Client is encouraged to utilize the strategies, concepts, forms, tools, and intellectual property (IP) provided by Atticus during their practice during the term of this agreement.
    • Access to Resources: Throughout the engagement, the Client will have access to the Atticus Resource Center, the Practice Growth Series™, and other proprietary concepts. This access is granted solely to enhance the Client's professional development.
    • Prohibited Use: Reproduction, distribution, or use of Atticus' intellectual property, including but not limited to concepts, forms, tools, trademarked materials, strategies, or other proprietary information, without prior written permission from Atticus, is prohibited.
    • Ownership: All intellectual property provided by Atticus remains the exclusive property of Atticus. Nothing in this agreement grants the Client any ownership rights to Atticus' intellectual property.

    This Membership Agreement is the entire agreement and can only be modified in writing by both parties. Failure to enforce a provision does not waive the right to enforce it later. If any provision is invalid, the remaining provisions remain valid. Electronic signatures are considered originals. The laws of Florida govern this Agreement.

    These provisions survive termination.

    By signing below, the Client confirms understanding and compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.
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