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Ashish Karvé

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Ashish Karvé

Affiliated Practice Advisor

Ashish started helping entrepreneurs when he co-founded a company that incubated research for commercial application. Working closely with researchers, he successfully launched several ventures. During that time, he also helped establish the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Florida Graduate School of Business.

Ashish built and subsequently sold two more companies. He franchised operations for, invested in, and mentored several other start-up companies.

Working with Atticus, he combines Atticus and Value Builder principles to create organizations that serve its owners and team members, as well as its clients. He believes that an organization “Built to Serve” in this way is also ‘Built to Sell’. He is passionate about learning, coaching, and spending time with his wife and two boys.

Ashish can be reached by phone at (786) LAW-MGMT, by email at, or on LinkedIn.