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Daniel Struna, Esq.

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Daniel Struna, Esq.

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Daniel Struna, a Certified Practice Advisor with Atticus, is an attorney and former owner and founder of a million-dollar business.
Daniel’s coaching practice focuses on solo and small law firm owners and partners, to help clients transform their practice and their life. His goal is to help them increase their income, decrease their stress, build a rock-star team, and improve their client experience.

To do this he uses the four foundations of practice growth: time management, staffing, marketing, and profitability. Daniel is well versed in the DISC behavioral profile and helps his clients utilize the DISC to inform their growth, leadership, and team development.

Daniel also facilitates the Atticus Rainmakers Program,which puts a special focus on helping attorneys improve their client development skills.

Daniel has spoken to bar associations and legal organizations in the areas of law practice growth and management, including the South Carolina Bar, the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar, and Florida Bar associations. Daniel has a degree in Theology and prior to his pursuit of coaching attorneys and law firms, he worked with orphanages in India, Brazil, and Guatemala. Daniel is married to Natalia and they live in Clermont, Florida with their two small children.