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Daniel Struna, Esq.

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Daniel Struna, Esq.

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Daniel Struna, a Certified Practice Advisor with Atticus, is an attorney and former owner and founder of a million-dollar business.
Daniel’s coaching practice focuses on solo and small law firm owners and partners, to help clients transform their practice and their life. His goal is to help them increase their income, decrease their stress, build a rock-star team, and improve their client experience.

To do this he uses the four foundations of practice growth: time management, staffing, marketing, and profitability. Daniel is well versed in the DISC behavioral profile and helps his clients utilize the DISC to inform their growth, leadership, and team development.

Daniel has spoken to bar associations and legal organizations in the areas of law practice growth and management, including the South Carolina Bar, the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar, and Florida Bar associations. Daniel has a degree in Theology and prior to his pursuit of coaching attorneys and law firms, he worked with orphanages in India, Brazil, and Guatemala. Daniel is married to Natalia and they live in Clermont, Florida with their two small children.

Client Testimonials

When I reflect on the past two years of my practice, one of the highlights undoubtedly has been my collaboration with Daniel Struna. As my business coach at Atticus, Daniel’s guidance has been nothing short of transformative.

Daniel possesses a unique blend of insight and empathy, which enabled him to understand not just the mechanics of my law firm, but also the personal ambitions and challenges that came with it. His expertise played a pivotal role in reshaping the structure of my business, a decision that has since proven to be a turning point for my practice.

More than just a coach, Daniel has been a source of positivity, consistently encouraging me to celebrate the wins – big and small. This approach didn’t just boost morale; it provided a clear lens to evaluate and improve our processes systematically. His knack for focusing on the positives without losing sight of the bigger picture has been instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of my practice.

But what truly sets Daniel apart is the genuine care he invests in his relationships. Over these two years, he has evolved from being a coach to a friend – a testament to his personable nature and commitment to his clients.

Adrianos Facchetti, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Facchetti Law
Burbank, CA []

Daniel Struna’s suggestions and encouragement have helped me so much in managing my incredibly busy law practice. He had so many great ideas that I was able to put into practice at my office to great success. Daniel is also a lovely person and I always looked forward to our calls. I highly recommend Daniel for any stressed-out attorney who needs some “work therapy!”.

Kerry W. Hartington, Attorney at Law, Kerry Hartington Immigration Law, LLC
Vineland, NJ []

I’ve worked with Daniel for nearly four years. From my initial discussion with him regarding my practice and the potential to grow it, through walking through my DISC assessment to maximize the way I work and communicate, to discussing harder decisions like transitioning my practice to another firm – Daniel has consistently been a great resource for my practice! Every time we talk I learn something new and take away a good idea. I highly recommend working with Daniel and Atticus if you want to grow your practice, revenues, and profits.

Caleb S. Lihn, JD, LLM, Attorney at Law, Lihn Law Group
Phoenix, AZ []

Daniel Struna’s counseling for Atticus clients is right on target. He is extremely knowledgeable about the best techniques for handling problems and challenges in a law firm. My questions to Daniel about issues in my practice have been unusual and difficult, but his research and advice are always what I needed. I also look forward to connecting with Daniel because he has a calm, wise approach when I am stressed or feeling out of control.

Karen J. Sloat, Law Office of Karen J. Sloat, APC
Palm Desert, CA []