We hope that you were able to join us for this impactful webinar – “Lawyer Salary – Am I Making What I’m Worth” and if you didn’t, that’s okay. We have created the recording just for you.

In this webinar, Steve Riley identifies three practical strategies to help make your practice more efficient and how you can adjust your practice to make it better. He compared being a solo law practice vs working for someone – and the benefits of both. Being a solo law practice is practicing your way – who you want to say “yes” to, when you practice, where you practice, and how you practice.

Steve shared salary research based on bar associations, non-traditional sources, and legal software providers. These are great statistics for those who are looking to compare salary to others and see where you align.

We have attached a copy of Steve’s slides that you can download or you can print them for your records.

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We look forward to seeing you then!

Webinar materials:


Steve Riley

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Join this important discussion led by Attorney and Atticus Practice Advisor Steve Riley on how to ramp up for the challenges your practice will face next year. Steve will review several proven time management and marketing strategies to help you maximize production on your 2022 workdays, protect your free time, and develop new clients.