Thank you for your interest in our, “Raising the Bar – Meet Profit Targets and Finish the Year Strong” workshop on October 19. Denise Gamez spent 90 minutes discussing your end of 2022 and Q1 2023 plan. Whether your focus was working on your business skills, building a great team, marketing, or cashflow, this workshop focused on your structure, delegation, hiring process, and other business skill opportunities.

While law school trains you to be an associate for someone else, it doesn’t teach you how to evolve your legal skills – as a law firm owner or shareholder – to support growth. Based on that information, Denise focused on raising the bar, your mindset, improving time management skills, and your top 10 best cases.

Attached you will find the slides that Denise used in the presentation along with the two worksheets. Feel free to download them and use them for your records.

When it comes to growth, we provide a diagnostic for your law practice – Practice Growth Diagnostic™ – that really dives into your firm. It includes a DISC assessment and dives deep into time management, profitability, staffing, and marketing. You will have three takeaways that you can implement immediately. Since you registered for the workshop, we are giving you the opportunity to receive this diagnostic for 50% off. Use code PGD50% at checkout here:

Workshop materials:


Denise Gamez

Practice Growth Diagnostic Advisor & Director of Member Services

Denise is a well-respected practice growth advisor, speaker, and blog writer. She has committed the past ten years to help attorneys grow their practices in a sustainable and intentional way using Atticus coaching processes. She has worked with hundreds of solo and small firm attorneys across the United States and Canada to diagnose issues in their practice holding them back from growth and satisfaction.