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Attract the Right Candidate for Your Law Firm

Do not farm out the job description or job posting to AI – it needs your personal touch.

Yes, AI can give you a job description or create a job posting. But what it cannot do is tailor it to your specific law firm. An AI job description or posting can give you a good start on tasks and responsibilities for the position, but it is critical that you take the time to make sure it accurately reflects how the applicant will provide value to your law firm.

Be honest and specific about the experience, skills and qualifications needed. Ensure it conveys what you want. If it is an entry level position, don’t put 5+ years’ experience is required. There is nothing that screams “I cut and pasted this from the internet” like having an experience requirement that is at odds with the position. If you are willing to train someone in certain skillsets, make sure the job description says that you are looking for someone who is naturally curious and who desires to take on new skills.

Sell the experience a new team member will have with your firm by describing your workplace culture in the job posting.

Attract the Right Candidate for Your Law Firm

How will working for your law firm enrich the applicant’s life? Are you committed to a team member’s personal well-being outside of work? What is your company’s “why”? These are all questions that should be included in a job description and any ad posting that accompanies it.

Describe your workplace culture and how it enhances an employee’s life. Address questions like:

  • How will working at your firm enrich the applicant’s life?
  • What is your firm’s mission or “why”?
  • How do you support your team’s well-being outside of work?

As you describe your firm you may choose to mention how it gives back to the community and any volunteer efforts your team participates in. If appropriate, share specific-to-your-area benefits like commuter passes or mileage reimbursement as well as other things that are important to the candidate to anticipate as a new member of your team.

Do you offer a flexible working schedule? If so, be sure to state that in the job posting. Flexibility can mean many things so be sure to state clearly what it means for your law firm. For example, if you allow a flexible workday or if a team member can work from home a certain number of days, be sure that is clear in the job posting.

Include paid time off, holidays, team retreats, professional education, eligibility for bonus compensation, and any other benefits your firm offers. This is an opportunity for you to be creative in the benefits you offer, especially if you cannot offer a high salary for the position.

The interview.

Don’t rush this process – let others on your team get involved. Break up the interview process so that someone other than the decision-maker is interviewing for skillset and then ask their initial impressions. Gather feedback from the receptionist on how they were treated by the candidate as well as anyone else who came across their path while in your office. As the decision-maker, your most important purpose in the interview process should be determining whether the candidate is a good culture fit and team player.

Include thoughtful interview questions.

Carefully crafted interview questions can help you flesh out a more personal side of the candidate. Some sample questions may include:

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • Have you read any good books lately (and if yes, ask which ones)? Do you like to listen to podcasts (and if yes, ask which ones)?
  • How do you see yourself fitting into this law firm?

Embrace the fact that the applicant is interviewing you and your firm.

Applicants want to know how their day will be spent working in your law firm. If they are coming into the office, it’s important to describe the environment they will be working in, the collegiality they can expect to experience, the skills they will use and those they will learn along with how they will be able to give back to the community representing the firm. They want to be proud of where they work and who they work for and with as they take the next steps in their career. Applicants want to have a caring and professional environment to work in and be able to share positive things about their day with their family and friends.


Incorporate these insights to write compelling job postings and conduct effective interviews. Engage your team in the hiring process and encourage candidates to ask questions. By doing so, you’ll find the right fit who will contribute positively to your firm’s success and positively contribute to your firm culture.

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