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Let's face it — we need email. But, we also need a way to control the beast that email can become. It is estimated that almost 30% of our workday is consumed by dealing with email. How do we tame this beast so that it doesn't take over our day? The 80/20 rule applied to your inbox. The Pareto Principle applies to email as it does to so many areas of our lives. Probably only about 20% of the emails you receive require a response from you. This means that as much of 80% of your emails do not need a response. In fact, a large portion of that 80% may not even need to be read by you! Begin to tame the email beast by eliminating the useless and unnecessary messages cluttering your inbox. Our frustration with email often results from how we approach email. All too often we view email as a big box of emergencies requiring our immediate attention. Here are a few tips to begin improving your approach to email. Apply Rules Apply rules so that unnecessary emails are directed to folders rather than your inbox. List serves and enewsletters are prime candidates for this approach. Even necessary emails can be...