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Today’s workforce is working more hours with less time off than ever before. Even with today’s flex hours, working from home, and liberal vacation policies, it’s off to work we go. And being a business owner makes it even worse. There’s nobody but you to give you permission!

As an entrepreneur and practice owner, you are susceptible to more stress due to managing so many moving parts of the business. Client procurement, staff management and training,  business meetings, CLE’s, and so many other pieces relegated to practice ownership. It’s no wonder that study after study indicates there are huge benefits from taking time off, but invariably we just never get around to scheduling it.

We’ve all heard the excuses as to why we don’t have time for vacations. My team will flounder without me, I will lose clients, I will have so much to do when I get back so it’s not worth it, etc. Sound familiar?

Of course, it does. However, the reality is that vacation time decreases depression, makes you happier and less stressed. Even the simple task of planning a vacation can boost your level of happiness as much as eight weeks before the trip. More than 200 million vacations get forfeited every year in part because of the excuses, the most common of which can be that the time-off never made it to your calendar.

Let’s look at this way…if a doctor told you that you had a major illness or only a few months to live, would you schedule time to do as many things as you want or need to do before the end? The answer is YES! Tim McGraw famously sang the song called “Live like you were dying.”

Perhaps if we took a quick look at the health benefits of vacations and time off, we might better appreciate the process. Here’s just a few:

  • Vacations decrease depression, disease, and burnout
  • You will be more creative and a better problem solver after a vacation
  • Your improved state-of-mind will be contagious in the office and with clients
  • AND…your clients will love you more when you return

Stop with the excuses. As a practice owner, it is imperative that you take vacations periodically throughout the year. They don’t have to be lavish million-dollar cruises. Some of the best vacations happen when you just stay home and focus on yourself and your family.

Put it on the calendar! If it isn’t booked, paid for, and added to the calendar it likely won’t happen. The benefits are obvious, so start living, make the time and block it now for 2023.

Denise Gamez

Practice Growth Diagnostic Advisor & Director of Client Services

Director of Client Services, Denise Gamez, is committed to helping attorneys grow thriving practices, reach their potential, and achieve maximum results. Since joining Atticus in 2011, she has used her extensive expertise as an industry liaison and consultant to help hundreds of attorneys assess their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and choose the Atticus program or workshop that best meets their objectives.

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