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Mark Metzger

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Mark Metzger

Adjunct Practice Advisor & Attorney

Practicing attorney and law firm owner, Mark Metzger, is uniquely equipped to help other attorneys as they build their marketing, profits, clientele, team, and ultimately their firm. With more than 28 years of experience practicing law, Mark draws on his extensive experience in building a successful firm to help others do the same.

Mark first became a client of Atticus in October 2011 when he attended a day and a half workshop that had a significant impact on him. He joined Atticus for longer term coaching. With the guidance of Atticus’ practice advisors, Mark experienced a five-fold increase in his revenues, dramatically reduced his time in the office and built his satisfaction with the practice of law to an all-time high.

His success led him to become one of our first Adjunct Practice Advisors so that he could not only share the Atticus practice management processes that brought him success but utilize his inherent talent for teaching others.

I thought that having a practice was the ultimate career goal until I spent my first afternoon coaching Atticus clients.  Watching other attorney grow sustainable and profitable practices and getting thanks for them having their lives and families back has become my ultimate passion. I couldn’t even do this work if it wasn’t for learning how to run a practice without being their everyday. Atticus has changed my life and ultimately helped me to change so many other attorney’s lives in the process Mark Metzger

Practice areas: estate planning, elder law, litigation, and real estate

Achievements: Built his practice to five times the size without adding partners or associates, but instead by streamlining processes and customer care.  Has done this while remaining on two boards, raising a family, and becoming an excellent chef.