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Tim Caldwell

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Tim Caldwell

Adjunct Practice Advisor and Attorney

As the founder of a successful legal practice that has grown steadily over the course of more than 30 years, Tim Caldwell is seen by colleagues as a visionary who sets the standard for a thoughtful, caring approach to estate planning.

As a Practice Advisor, he helps attorneys develop their own visions with the goal of growing their firms, optimizing their operations, and building teams prepared to step up to any challenge. He knows that highly trained teams and streamlined operations allow firm owners to focus on developing new business and the opportunity to enjoy life beyond the practice of law.

As an Olympic cross-country skier who competed in four Winter Olympics, Tim puts a lot of heart into everything he does. His high ethical standards, commitment to excellent client service and passion for helping others are part of his winning formula.

To learn more about how he balances his professional success with an active lifestyle, you can read his full biography.