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Steve’s good friend, Tim Caldwell, joins him on a journey from Olympic slopes to rural courtrooms – a living testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and lifelong learning. As a successful lawyer who once competed in the Olympics, Tim’s extraordinary story draws a striking parallel between the thrill of sport and the pursuit of legal success. 

Steve and Tim’s conversation dives headfirst into the riveting world of legal practice, where Tim discovered that specialization, fixed pricing, and continuous skill enhancement became the pillars of his thriving practice. He also stressed the importance of patience, self-care, and employee management, lessons hard learned from his Olympic days. His unique perspective on practice management, drawn from his athletic discipline, is an eye-opener. 

Steve also explored how Tim cleverly used referral marketing and fixed pricing to fuel his practice and how his amazing time management skills have proven invaluable. He opened up about his financial strategies, creating a tax fund and sub-accounts, a practice that has immensely helped him manage finances. But above all, Tim believes in the power of compassion, genuine connection, and lifelong learning – the same qualities that have catapulted him to success, both on the slopes and in the courts. 

Join us and imbibe the lessons from Tim’s inspirational journey filled with thoughts and insights on his success.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Tim Caldwell’s journey from the Olympic slopes to the courtroom and his unique perspective on the art of practice management
  • Ten lessons Time wished he had known when he first started his practice, including the importance of specialization, fixed pricing, and continuous skill enhancement
  • His strategies in practice management, such as referral marketing, time management, and financial management
  • An important lesson about patience and self-care and how it influenced Tim’s way of managing his practice and employees
  • The power of referral marketing, Tim’s weekly meetings with colleagues to build relationships, and how that helped him grow his practice
  • Fixed pricing and time management and his experience with a content marketing workshop for lawyers
  • Tim’s strategy of creating a tax fund and different sub-accounts to manage finances within his practice, as well as his belief in the importance of compassion and genuine connection in his profession

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Steve Riley

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Steve Riley has coached attorneys for more than 20 years. His one-on-one coaching focuses on a limited number of top producing attorneys committed to taking their practices to new levels of excellence, profit, and personal success. He also presents at group coaching workshops around the country for individual law firms, state bar associations, and other legal organizations.

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