Thank you for joining us for our “Anxiety and the Law: Overcoming Lawyer Burnout and Creating Balance” workshop. In this workshop, Steve discussed 10 ways to reduce (not remove) anxiety. This included transforming anxiety into fear, building habits, hand writing your day, exercising, planning your week and creating a sleep plan.

He discussed daily gratitude, breaking through how you manage stress and anxiety, shortcuts, and taking time off. At the end of the workshop, we created an offer just for you to receive the Practice Growth Diagnostic™ for 50% off. The Practice Growth Diagnostic™ is understanding how your communication and management styles impact your business. This diagnostic includes a DISC assessment, the Advisor Growth Analysis™, and your 3 most impactful actions.

Use code PGD50 at checkout for 50% off:

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Workshop materials:


Steve Riley

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Join this important discussion led by Attorney and Atticus Practice Advisor Steve Riley on how to ramp up for the challenges your practice will face next year. Steve will review several proven time management and marketing strategies to help you maximize production on your 2021 workdays, protect your free time, and develop new clients.