Thank you so much for joining our, “As An Attorney – What Is Your Time Worth” webinar. If you were unable to attend, that’s okay. We have created this replay page for those who were unable to attend as well as those who did attend but would like to watch the replay.

Lori Pulvermacher presented five ways to assist with time management and did a deep dive into protecting your time off, how to evolve and apply your business skills and what growth and success looks like to you.

If you feel out of control, have daily interruptions, you are lost when it comes to staff issues, and you don’t know what work you should be doing, you will want to watch this webinar.

For those who attended the webinar, we offered the first 15 people access to a FREE Practice Growth Diagnostic™ to diagnose their practice and we have 10 scholarships left!

If you would like the code for a free diagnostic, please email us below and you can click here to read more about this program: https://atticusadvantage.​com/practice-growth-diagnostic/

To receive a free code, send an email to: lorip@​atticusadvantage.​com, grow@​atticusadvantage.​com

We have attached the slides and the Time Template worksheets so you can print them off and use them or keep them for your records.

Always remember: Your time is worth a lot, your time is valuable and your time is precious.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Workshop materials:


Lori Pulvermacher

Practice Advisor

Lori joined Atticus in 2022. She brings a rich and unique set of skills to help lawyers grow their businesses. Her experience includes coaching attorneys, law firm management, operations, marketing, sales and client delivery. Lori is organized, adaptable, creative, and analytical – and at the same time, is a professional with strong interpersonal skills. She is a master at networking and building strong relationships.