Thank you for joining us on August 10th for our free webinar, “The Unspoken Truth – Impactful Ways to Reduce and Minimize Lawyer Anxiety.” In this webinar, Nora and Chelsy, author and co-author of, “50 Lessons For Happy Lawyers: Boost Wellness, Build Resilience. Yes, You Can!” spoke about the legal industry and how this profession is in a crisis.

You don’t have to be a number or a statistic!

Nora and Chelsy provided 10 strategies that assist with increasing happiness, habits to focus on, and ways to manage interruptions.

Attached you will find a copy of the slides as well as the worksheets that were used in the webinar.

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Nora Riva Bergman

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Nora joined Atticus as a Certified Practice Advisor in 2006. A licensed attorney since 1992, Nora brings a deep understanding of the practice and business of law to her work with lawyers, law firms and bar associations. She has practiced as an employment law attorney and certified mediator and has served as an adjunct professor at both Stetson University College of Law and the University of South Florida, teaching courses in alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. Nora has been a speaker at conferences for the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the National Association of Bar Executives, The Florida Bar and other national and regional legal organizations. She also served for eight years as the Executive Director of a voluntary bar association with over 1,200 members.

Chelsy Castro

CEO and Founder of Castro Jacobs Psychotherapy and Consulting (CJPC)
Chelsy is an attorney turned psychotherapist and performance coach, Chelsy counsels individuals, small groups, and the organizations they work for on how to achieve their goals in healthy and productive ways. Chelsy’s publications and trainings focus on science-based skills and strategies for improving performance and increasing well-being in high-pressure professions. Her book 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers launched in May 2022.