Thank you for joining Atticus® and Josh Dorcey in our free, virtual webinar, “2024 Law Firm Goals – Creating a Growth Plan” on December 5th, where Josh discussed professional and personal goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method. He gave examples of his personal goals, discussed the evaluation process, and why it’s worth creating goals.

By creating new behaviors and developing new skills, you can maximize results which will have a greater impact on your personal and professional life. As you set goals, you want to make sure that your goal checks all of the boxes of the S.M.A.R.T. method – specific, measurable, achievable/accountable, reasonable, and timely. You are the most valuable person in your life and your practice. If you are removed from the workplace due to a health injury, that could be detrimental to others. Put yourself and your practice first.

Attached you will find the slides and the worksheet that were used in the webinar.

Next steps:
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We look forward to working with you on your 2024 goals!



Josh Dorcey

Adjunct Practice Advisor and Attorney

Josh Dorcey is the founder and managing partner of Dorcey Law Firm, PLC, a Florida based firm focusing on Estate Planning, Business Planning and Asset Protection. Josh started Dorcey Law in the recession of 2007 and in the past 15 years has grown the firm from being a solo practice to 12 attorneys (8 full time and 4 of counsel), and 42 staff members. The firm’s revenue exceeded $4.5 million in 2021, where his personal rainmaking and collections have exceeded $2million each year since 2019.