Thank you for joining Denise Cullen for our 90-minute workshop on January 9, 2024, “Mastering Productive Focus for the Busy Attorney”. In this workshop, Denise discussed productive focus which covered topics such as multi-tasking, interruptions, prioritizing your day, designing your work week, and focusing on the business side of your practice.

Is your law firm running you or are you running your law firm? This workshop dove into ways that you can divvy up your day, ways to minimize interruptions (and the high cost of interruptions), and the impact that your staff has on your time.

Busy does not equal productivity.

Attached you will find the worksheets and the slides that were used. Feel free to print and use for your records.

Next steps:
*Schedule a complimentary 15 or 30 minute phone call with our team to discuss prioritization, design your work week and manage interruptions HERE.
*We invite you to join us for our next webinar on January 18th, “Legal AI Unleashed: 7 Strategies for a Future-Ready Practice” where you can embrace the transformative power of AI in your law firm. Register for free HERE.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



Denise Cullen

Practice Growth Diagnostic Advisor & Director of Member Services

Denise is a well-respected practice growth advisor, speaker, and blog writer. She has committed the past ten years to help attorneys grow their practices in a sustainable and intentional way using Atticus coaching processes. She has worked with hundreds of solo and small firm attorneys across the United States and Canada to diagnose issues in their practice holding them back from growth and satisfaction.