Thank you for your interest in our complimentary webinar on May 7th, “Legal Legacy: Navigating Law Firm Exit Planning” where Lori Pulvermacher discussed ways to elevate your law practice. She listed out nine practical steps (profitability, founder dependency, technology, and marketing) to determine where you are in your firm and how growth and opportunities can impact your exit plan. She also discussed ways to value your law practice.

Attached you will find the worksheet and the slide deck that we used in the webinar. If you could not attend this webinar, we have also provided a copy of the recording above.

Next steps:

If you are interested in discussing your exit plan with an Atticus® team member, you can schedule a 15 or 30 minute complimentary consultation HERE.

If you aren’t a salesperson but want sales to be a part of your law practice (because, let’s face it, it is), you can register for, “Sales Without Selling: The Atticus Sales Training Academy” on May 15, 2024 HERE.

Are you looking to use AI in your law practice? Steve Riley takes you through 11 sessions of how you can use AI in your law firm. Register for, “Grow Your Law Practice with AI” Workshop on May 30, 2024 HERE.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Workshop materials:


Lori Pulvermacher

Practice Advisor

Lori brings a rich and unique set of skills to help lawyers grow their businesses. Her experience includes coaching attorneys, law firm management, operations, marketing, sales and client delivery. Lori is organized, adaptable, creative, and analytical – and at the same time, is a professional with strong interpersonal skills. She is a master at networking and building strong relationships.