Become a Marketing Shark!

A shark’s sense of smell is its keenest hunting device. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sniff out good clients the same way a shark detects its prey?

Spend an hour with our Director of Client Service Denise Gamez as she talks with attorney and master marketer Richard West about how to do just that. Richard will reveal some of the common mistakes that he made early on in marketing his practice and what he has learned over the years to become as efficient and effective in marketing his as a shark is in hunting. Find out how to sense and attract the best clients to your practice and stop wading through the doldrums!


Meet the Webinar Panelists

Denise Gamez

Atticus Director of Client Services

Denise is committed to helping attorneys grow thriving practices, reach their potential, and achieve maximum results. Since joining Atticus in 2011, she has used her extensive expertise as an industry liaison and consultant to help hundreds of attorneys assess their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and choose the Atticus program or workshop that best meets their objectives….

Richard West

Attorney & Master Marketer

With over 25 years of experience, Richard was one of the first lawyers in Orlando to use collaborative law to help clients successfully move on with their lives, with as little emotional and economic harm to their families as possible. Recognized as an innovator when it comes to the combination of family law and technology, he enjoys sharing his legal knowledge with others and frequently speaks at legal seminars….


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