Advanced Implementation Tools & Resources

Download Staffing eBook and Forms Library

Our Staffing eBook (PDF) includes planning and performance tracking forms, scheduling tools and a section on managing interruptions.

Our ZIP archive of Staffing forms contains fillable PDFs of a mission statement, time template worksheet, weekly planning form, and daily to-do list.


What Makes a Client-Centered Office?

An office designed to meet the needs of clients is both professional and welcoming for clients and referral sources. (4.00)

DISC Behavioral Assessment

The DISC is a great tool in pre-hiring assessments, creating cooperation and getting prospective clients to hire you. (1.02)

No Crystal Ball When Hiring New Staff

Carletta Neal of the Omnia Group discusses mistakes made during the hiring process and using staff to maximize their potential. (2.02)

Finding and Keeping Great Legal Staff

Patrick Wilson discusses improving your hiring system, decreasing staff turnover and getting the right people plugged into the right roles. (1.04)


Writing Job Descriptions for Legal Staff

By Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis. Learn the three steps necessary to writing effective job descriptions. (1.03)

Employee Evaluations

By Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis. Uncover 12 crucial metrics against which to measure your attorney’s performance. (5.01)

Motivating Employees Through Games at Work

By Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis. Discover how to apply the lessons learned on the field or court to your law firm. (3.01)

Coaches Corner: Flex Time and Rewarding with Time Off

By Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis. What is flex time and why should you considering offering it to your staff? (6.06)


Atticus’ 360° Attorney Evaluation Form

When you want feedback on one of your team members from more than one perspective, this is the appraisal tool to use. (5.05A)

Sample DISC Report

To see how thorough and insightful the DISC behavioral profile is, take a look at this 23-page sample prepared for an Atticus® client. (1.00)

Problem Employee Questionnaire

A questionnaire designed to assist partners and firm owners in determining whether or not to release an existing team member. (5.07)

Links to Personnel Manual Resources

Use this list of websites to find a pre-written but customizable Personnel Manual. You’ll save time and money by using a template. (4.00)


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