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As a solo or small practice attorney, the holiday season can be stressful, and things that normally occupy your attention can get overlooked or put on the back burner. It’s a time to connect with family and friends, but it’s also a time to connect with marketing contacts and referrals.

You market all year to improve or build your client list, sure, but what is marketing at its essence? It’s connections — human connections. The heart of those connections is truth, is authenticity, is honesty. Clients come and go, but good referral sources built on genuine emotion can turn into good friends.

During the holiday season I urge you to reach out to those marketing contacts. Send them a card or a note to let them know you’re thinking of them. Thank them for their friendship, professional and personal.

We know one attorney who has made it a tradition to send specialty sweet treats each holiday season. Cards can get lost or just ignored once they’re opened, but his contacts look forward all year to seeing the treats box in the mail. It reinforces their connections and makes him stand out. It’s his niche.

If your firm has the means, why not try sending a token of your appreciation this year? Voila! You’ve just marketed your firm in a unique, personal way.

With year-end celebrations and commitments, it’s easy to mentally wind down a little bit, take a deep breath and relax. But even while taking it easy, remember that a little bit of marketing now can go a long way to making next year a banner one for your firm.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year. The team at Atticus is here to support you and wishes you all the best.

Denise Gamez

Practice Growth Diagnostic Advisor & Director of Client Services

Director of Client Services, Denise Gamez, is committed to helping attorneys grow thriving practices, reach their potential, and achieve maximum results. Since joining Atticus in 2011, she has used her extensive expertise as an industry liaison and consultant to help hundreds of attorneys assess their unique strengths, overcome challenges, and choose the Atticus program or workshop that best meets their objectives.

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