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Developed just after World War I, the military developed DISC profiles to identify which personality types would return from war shell-shocked versus those who didn’t seem to be affected much. They created a series of questions to develop personality profiles, and by the 1960s, corporate America seized on this idea.

Today, DISC profiles are used in all sorts of work environments. In particular, a DISC profile can be a powerful tool for lawyers because they can use it to understand their teams and clients. It creates an opportunity to communicate more effectively in professional and personal relationships simply by understanding how someone’s personality affects their overall behavior.

In this episode of Great Practice, Great Life®, Shawn McNalis, an author, thought leader, and influencer at Atticus and in the legal community, joins Steve to talk about how the DISC profile can help lawyers. She explains how the DISC can influence close relationships like marriage partnerships, team leaders, and colleagues.

Understanding your DISC profile, as well as the DISC profiles of others, can transform the relationships you have within your law firm, the courtroom, negotiations, and beyond. Shawn offers some practical ways to implement it within your practice and understand why opposites attract.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The history of DISC profiles, why it’s crucial in professional and personal relationships, and how it works
  • The four dimensions of DISC and a basic overview of each of the four personality types
  • Shawn’s advice for working with a high-D personality, earning their respect, and what they fear most
  • Why knowing DISC profiles can allow you to negotiate with and talk differently to various personality types
  • The high-I’s blind spots and how that can impact a firm’s growth
  • What high-S personalities struggle with
  • Why every superhero has a wingman, the importance of understanding your DISC profile and utilizing it, and the reason your blind spots have to be protected
  • How a high-D personality affects the culture of their firms as they scale and grow
  • The various leadership styles based on DISC profiles
  • Why opposites DISC profiles attract in personal relationships and how knowing someone’s profile can make it easier to set boundaries and communicate

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