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Steve Riley, Certified Practice Advisor/ShareholderTough economic times bring out the need for innovation in many practice areas. When was the last time that you innovated your practice to generate new revenue or new clients? On the call, Steve Riley discussed how to find new business from old clients, and interviewed Eric Goidel, an Atticus® Graduate, about a successful innovation that his firm has implemented.

Steve Riley is a coach and frequent contributor to Atticus® Graduates. He practices in Tampa, Florida, is winner of the 2007 Law Firm Business Innovation Award and is a quarterly columnist for CCH on practice management. Steve is the author of six books and is the creator of the Double Your Revenue program.

Eric Goidel of Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahains & Goidel in New York City shared an innovation called the Director Protector. The firm has developed a process to help reduce board members’ liabilities and personal exposure in decision-making processes while they serve on a coop board of directors.

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