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If you want to learn how successful people became successful, look at their habits. Habits consistently adhered to are the secret underpinnings of a thriving practice. The successful rainmaker, for example, routinely thanks referral sources for the clients they send. If they fail to send a thank you card or express their gratitude upon receiving a referral, it would bother them the same way that failing to brush their teeth would bother them.

What can you do to become a successful rainmaker?

Adopt new habits. Embrace new routines and change your customary way of approaching client development. Each of the 5 Rainmaking Habits we discuss in our new book, How Good Attorneys Can Become Great Marketers, was selected because it will increase your marketing skills both today and for the long term.

The first rainmaking Habit, “Making 3 Marketing Contacts a Week,” is probably the best example of how adopting a new habit can dramatically alter your effectiveness as a marketer. It’s a marketing plan in a nutshell: take referral sources out to lunch, or attend a marketing event a minimum of three times a week. Focus your attention both on your best referral sources and those on the second tier, your Farm Team. If you do nothing more than this, by the end of a year you’ll have one hundred and fifty marketing contacts to your credit.

This level of focused client development activity will be effective — even if you are a novice. Since marketing is primarily a numbers game, the volume of people you interact with counts. If you stick to it, this Rainmaking Habit delivers on its promise and is one of the most powerful new routines you can adopt.

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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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