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Practice Growth Program



  Quarterly, 2-Day In-Person Coaching Workshops Plus, a Personal Coach
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Classic, or Deluxe?

By choosing Classic, you’ll meet for two days every quarter – in-person – with your group’s facilitator and members.

Enrolling in Deluxe gives you everything in Classic, plus you’re assigned a 1-on-1 coach (Certified Practice Advisor) to help move you forward to achieve your goals.

Practice Growth Program



Coaching, Guidance and Direction in a Collaborative Learning Structure

You’ll have the advantage of working with the best law firm coaches in the country along with collaboratively learning from other growth minded legal professionals.

Implementation Support and Changes You Want

You'll have monthly 1-on-1 accountability and support calls with your Atticus Resource Advisor™. This will help you eliminate obstacles to running your practice efficiently and will fuel your ability to achieving your goals more quickly.

The "Yikes" Hotline

When you are hit by a crisis, you will have a direct hotline to get the support of Atticus to help you navigate obstacles and overcome the unexpected challenges you face as a practice owner.

The Practice Growth Series™

This monthly webinar series will bring you the latest experts, practice strategies, and nuts-and-bolts techniques. Yearly value = $995

The Solo and Small Firm Foundations for Growth™

You have full access to the online Atticus Resource Center™ to download eBooks filled with hundreds of tools and worksheets, articles on issues you care about, and access to exclusive recordings led by certified Practice Advisors. Collective value = $5,000.

Atticus Library of Books, Webinars, and Podcasts

You don't have time to "reinvent the wheel" when you need solutions. On your bookshelf and at your fingertips, you'll have immediate solutions, strategies, and tools based on our three decades of helping lawyers build thriving practices. Book library collective value = $240.85

Certified Practice Advisor

You’ll have a dedicated and certified Atticus Practice Advisor chosen from the best law firm coaches in the country to strategize with, accelerate implementation, and privately guide your practice.



Are you the right candidate to benefit from the Practice Growth Program?

If any of the following apply, this program can greatly enhance your business and quality of life.

If you are committed to growing your practice by at least 25% per year, reducing the firm’s total dependency on you, and incorporating methods to run your practice efficiently.

If you are working too many hours with too many interruptions, rarely get home on time, not attracting ideal clients, dealing with staffing headaches, or your revenues are flat or declining.

If you understand the Critical Distinction that the law firm is a business that should serve your life, not the other way around.



The Practice Growth Diagnostic Assessment reviews your law firm’s current profitability, staffing, time management, and marketing — the four cornerstones of practice growth. Based on the information you provide, we tailor our suggestions to address your particular needs and goals.



Increase gross revenue and profit margin by 30%, increase average fee per file by 20%.

Decrease in interruptions and stress.

More Free Time, 25% less time in the office (no weekends, 2 weeks vacation, and more)

Learn how to enhance your practice’s 4 key law firm systems: time management, marketing, staffing, and cash flow.

Gain a far greater sense of control over the practice, personal freedom and independence.

Implement highly functioning marketing process designed to attract high value clients.

Benefit from an increase in personal focus and productivity.

Receive referrals from other participants. In our experience, participants develop strong bonds, send each other business, co-counsel on cases and partner on marketing ventures.

The statistics above are based on the ACTUAL RESULTS that our Practice Growth Program members achieve year-after-year. You can achieve these results as well by becoming a member now.


8 good reasons to join

  1. Now is the time

    The window of opportunity to get the law firm truly working in your favor doesn’t stay open forever. The legal market is more competitive than it ever has been. If the systems.

  2. Return on Investment

    Not only will your ROI will be far greater than your annual investment, the greater return will be in the precious intangibles; personal freedom, independence and being surrounded by high level peers that will challenge you.

  3. Turn Key Systems

    You will have complete access to proprietary law firm systems that have been developed over the last 25 years. No longer will you have to reinvent the wheel for productivity, marketing, staffing or cash flow systems. The systems are implemented in controlled, customizable, manageable bites.

  4. Relentless Marketing

    Every resource that Atticus has brought to bear on client selection, exclusivity and rainmaking in the last 25 years is used in this program to keep your firm focused on attracting new, higher value clients in a predictable manner. Marketing will never be an after-thought again; it will be top of mind in your practice.

  5. Cash Flow Focus

    You’ll be introduced to strategic calendaring, effective pricing and technology to boost revenues. You’ll use a trademark tool called, The Cash Flow Focuser to build cash reserves, maintain low levels of debt and a healthy financial foundation.

  6. Confidence in the Future

    As you implement systems, a step at a time, and you see your time in the firm decrease, the staffing headaches reduce and your revenues going up, you look at that future entirely different. In addition, you will find a renewed passion for the practice as your systems begin to work and your stress levels dissipate.

  7. Great Referrals

    You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with other entrepreneurial attorneys who are practicing in different regions and states. These relationships lead to trust, respect and good referrals.

  8. Best Staff Ever

    In this program, you will be challenged to take your team to the next level, to create a team that supports you in having a firm that is no longer dependent on you. Here you will have processes to hire methodically, develop talent, and fire quickly when someone is not the right fit.

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