Goals of this webinar:

  1. Provide an overview of the tools available to help you (and your team) work remotely.
  2. Any decisions should come with your own due diligence on the right tool for the job.
  3. Prices quoted where it was fast/convenient. Please do your own research.
  4. Decisions to invest in tech should be driven by your other cash flow considerations.

Download the webinar materials:

Covid 19 Risk Assessment for Law Firms


Victor Medina

As a practicing attorney, certified financial advisor, managing partner, and host of the Make It Last radio show, Victor Medina has what it takes to facilitate other lawyer’s success in the Practice Growth Program™. Victor has been a client of Atticus for the past five years in the Dominate Your Market™ program. He attributes his work with Atticus to turning his firm into a seven-figure practice with four staff members and learning how to support his staff and delegate so that he could branch out and become a dual fiduciary for his clients.