Thank you for registering for the free 30-minute webinar, “Attorney Time Management: First Step to Financial Success” on October 20. Daniel Struna led this webinar, and the goal was to provide tools and strategies to help push movement forward in your practice.

The agenda consisted of:
The Time Template (attached is the Time Template worksheet): The time template worksheet allows you to group tasks together, block and tackle, and shift from a reactive approach to a proactive approach.
Power Hour: 60-90 minute blocks per day that are specifically for production, prepare your team by setting up a script so you know your clients are taken care of.
Daily Focuser (attached is the Daily Focuser worksheet): The Daily Focuser worksheet focuses on your day. Use this worksheet to build daily habits, delegations, prioritizing, and daily accountability.
Handling Interruptions: Turn off notifications, question batching, apply a “do not disturb” feature, or use a program like

Attached below you will find Daniel’s slides and four worksheets that you can download and print off for your records.

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We look forward to seeing you on November 18th!

Workshop materials:


Daniel Struna

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Daniel Struna, a Certified Practice Advisor with Atticus, is an attorney and former owner and founder of a million-dollar business.