When are you at your best?
When are you at your worst?
Why is it critical to invest in yourself and your firm?

Thank you for registering for our, “Overcoming Lawyer Burnout – Breaking the Cycle” webinar where Aaron Rothert (Attorney and Certified Practice Advisor) discussed burnout and how it impacts your law practice.

In order to save and improve your firm, you first must take care of yourself. When you are not performing at your peak, there can be a major impact on your law firm. Aaron focused on your “why” and how to change the way you run your law practice moving forward, as well as the importance of investing in peak performance. The closer you are to peak performance, the more awareness you have with your team and yourself.

Aaron discussed seven elements of peak performance – energy level, peak performance as a strategy, fuel for peak performance, fitness and physical well-being – to name a few, and how you can use each one to achieve high-level performance. In this webinar, you will learn how to create a strategy around peak performance and also be able to answer the question, “What would a strategic approach to your peak performance look like?”

Attached you will find our proprietary Burnout to Breakthrough™ scorecard that was discussed in the webinar as well as the powerpoint slides that Aaron used in the webinar.

We look forward to seeing you at our next workshop on December 15!

Workshop materials:


Aaron Rothert

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Aaron Rothert, Certified Practice Advisor, is an attorney, a former instructor for the Internal Revenue Service, and has worked with the State Attorney’s Office in Florida.