Thank you for registering for our “Law Firm Compensation – How to Attract the Right Behavior” webinar on April 18th. In this webinar, Glenn Gutek discussed the three C’s of hiring (with a surprise fourth), he used the three buckets to describe the type of employee you can hire, and the four components of compensation.

Although compensation is rather broad, Glenn provided strategies to determine the commitment of the employee long-term and how they view success in the job against their life plan. He discussed ways to measure behaviors using hard skills and soft skills and provided details on how a growing income can align with their growing commitment.

Attached you will find the slides and the worksheet that was shared in the webinar. Feel free to download and print them off to use for your records.

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Workshop materials:


Glenn Gutek

Certified Practice Advisor

Prior to joining Atticus, Glenn served as principal consultant and coach for a company that facilitated the development of executives, managers, and leaders of large corporations as well as nonprofit organizations. His skills in leadership, speaking, and training prompted him to work with a wide array of leaders and entrepreneurs across the country. Glenn also served for ten years as Senior Pastor with churches in Southern California and Florida.