Thank you for registering for the “Marketing for Women Lawyers – Discover Your Strengths and Elevate Confidence” Workshop on April 19th. In this workshop, Lori Pulvermacher spoke about leveraging your attributes and elevating your confidence as a female attorney.

She discussed how you can own your successes, remove your self limiting beliefs, and gender differences. She mentioned blocking time on your calendar for marketing, gaining confidence, and building your brand. She also briefly discussed psychology in marketing and the importance of positive self-talk.

Attached you will find the PowerPoint slides that were discussed in the workshop as well as a worksheet. Since we couldn’t get through the entire presentation, Lori also provided a video that detailed the slides and the worksheet in more detail – that you can view here:

Since you registered for this workshop, we are providing you the opportunity to attend our next two workshops at 50% off.

“The Billable Hour Law Firm Workshop – Implementing Growth Strategies to Maximize Profits” on April 27th. Use code BILL50 at checkout for 50% off:

“Breaking Through Lawyer Burnout – Achieving High-Level Performance” on May 24th. Use code 50BURNOUT at checkout for 50% off:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Workshop materials:


Lori Pulvermacher

Practice Advisor

Lori brings a rich and unique set of skills to help lawyers grow their businesses. Her experience includes coaching attorneys, law firm management, operations, marketing, sales and client delivery. Lori is organized, adaptable, creative, and analytical – and at the same time, is a professional with strong interpersonal skills. She is a master at networking and building strong relationships.