Thank you for registering for our 90-minute, virtual workshop, “Law Firm Goals – Improve Your Growth Plan and Finish the Year Strong” on July 25th.

In this workshop, Daniel Struna focused on business skills and time management strategies and how they relate to goal setting. He discussed practical goals on how to think about your growing practice and how to set goals based on your business skills. Goal setting takes time and practice and a little bit of pre-planning and goal setting can pay off long-term.

Attached you will find the worksheets that were used in the workshop as well as a copy of the slides. Feel free to print them off and use them for your records.

Since you registered for this workshop, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to join our Rainmakers program. So many of the attorneys that we work with are eager to grow their business and increase revenue. We know that goal setting and time management are key to making that happen.

This program consists of a monthly group webinar, a resource platform, and monthly accountability and support calls. You will get fresh ideas and support while we educate, train and motivate you to reach your objectives. This program provides training, resources, tools, and accountability, as well as a peer environment in which to learn. This program truly provides a great value.

Join the rainmakers program for just $295 per month and begin implementing changes into your business that will have a profound impact. You’ll gain strategies on time management, focusing and prioritization as well as marketing and referral relationships. Many of our fundamental Atticus methodologies are incorporated into this program.

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Thank you again for joining us and we hope to see you soon!




Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Daniel Struna, a Certified Practice Advisor with Atticus, is an attorney and former owner and founder of a million-dollar business.
Daniel’s coaching practice focuses on solo and small law firm owners and partners, to help clients transform their practice and their life. His goal is to help them increase their income, decrease their stress, build a rock-star team, and improve their client experience.