An Atticus Webinar

10 Strategies to Prepare Your Law Firm for the Coronavirus

10 Strategies to Prepare Your Law Firm for the Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
2:00p – 3:00p (EST)


The probability of you or someone in your firm contracting the coronavirus is very low, but the threat to your firm is still very real.

Imagine a worst-case scenario where the virus impacts your local community.

  • How will it affect your team if they have children and schools shut down?
  • What’s your sick pay policy on this issue?
  • Will your insurance help out if your business is disrupted.
  • What will happen to your marketing, depending on your practice area?
  • And, what will be the effect on working with clients or new client intake?

We think it’s a serious enough concern that Atticus hosted webinar on March 17 to discuss the best ways to deal with these issues.

Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis


Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis

Mark Powers, President of Atticus, has been coaching attorneys for over thirty years. He is the founder and developer of the first personalized training program dedicated to teaching attorneys the lasting skills and habits necessary for practice development. These skills include strategic planning, client development, customer service, prioritization, time blocking, managing interruptions, financial management, staffing, and delegation… [read more]

Shawn McNalis, Atticus Curriculum Director and Practice Advisor Trainer, is a former Imagineer with the Walt Disney Company and credits her 15-year career with Disney for her creative, collaborative approach to advising attorneys. In partnership with Mark Powers for 20 years, Shawn is a senior practice advisor, director of curriculum, and a trainer for Atticus… [read more]